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Nothing can ruin your day as seeing a bug or rodent in your
apartment while you’re taking the first sip of your morning coffee. Roaches,
ants, mice, or rats – you name it. Either one will give you headaches and make
you want to move out immediately. Instead of panicking, try examining your
situation rationally – it helps if you know the essentials of apartment pest

Check if there are too many chefs in the kitchen

Pest prevention should start in the kitchen for obvious
reason – that’s where you keep the food pests are attracted to. Basic hygiene
measures are a must – make sure you wash the dishes regularly and don’t let
them pile up in the sink. Also, remove any crumbs from dishes, countertops,
floors, and even your toaster crumb tray. Sweep the floor regularly and mop at
least once a week to clean and disinfect. As for the trash can – if you don’t
own one of those with a tight-fitting lid
then you must take out your trash every day.

Mind your food

Once you’ve taken care of food leftovers, it’s time to start
thinking about the rest of the food you keep in your home. All groceries should
be kept in plastic or, even better, glass containers so nothing can reach it.
This includes pantry staples, such as sugar and floor as well. You can even
keep them in the fridge to be extra safe. Fruit and vegetables rot fast so make
sure you eat them timely. If not, keep them in the refrigerator.

Keep it dry and clean

All kinds of pests love water and moisture so that’s what you
should pay special attention to. Check leaking faucets and sweating pipes to make sure no water stays too long in your
household. Any spills should be cleaned immediately while seals around the
doors and windows must be checked for moisture regularly. As in the kitchen,
sweeping and moping are essential in
every room. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned every once in a while, claim
the guys at Gold Coast pest
control service
. Dirty carpets might be a perfect home to various house pests so don’t take this for granted.

Declutter your apartment

Not only does clutter create mess, but it can also provide
shelter for unwanted guests in your home. That’s why getting rid or at least
securing those stacks of newspapers, magazines, or cardboard is a must. Also,
throw away anything you haven’t used and cleaned for a long time – linens,
clothes, papers, etc. Basically, anything
you store must be kept in safe containers. Plastic is okay but bear in mind that larger pests, like mice, can
chew right through the plastic and get to your winter clothes or food with no


Know your enemy

Before taking any anti-pest action, it’s of utmost
importance to identify what
kind of pest you’re dealing with
. Try visual identification or by the
damage they make. You can always call professionals to help you determine what
kind of problem you’re facing. This is important because you won’t treat mice
and rats the same way, nor roaches and pantry moths.


Take action

Once you meet your enemy, you can start thinking about
purchasing pesticides or calling pest control service. Pesticides can be
dangerous so it’s essential to handle them with great precaution – keep kids
and pets away from the area where you used them, read and follow the
instructions carefully, and always use chemicals approved for indoor use.
Alternatively, you can use nature against pests – certain lants
make perfect pest repellents
and many of them can grow inside your
If you’re renting, make sure you call your landlord before
taking any drastic measure against pests. Talk to them, explain the problem and
find the best solution together. Prevention is the best cure here but don’t worry – with proper tools, professionals
can take care of any pest problem in your apartment.