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When it comes time for you to remodel your kitchen, you might ask yourself whether or not it is a good idea to install a commercial sink. These sinks are great for when you have a lot of dishes to wash or if you like to multitask.

This could include washing, rinsing, sanitizing, and preparing meals that need water. Along with using a commercial sink in a residential home come the pros and cons of it.

Keep the following in mind about having a commercial sink at home.


Commercial sinks are great to have if you use your kitchen sink a lot (learn more about the different types here). They are great for rinsing off produce, washing large pots and pans and for when you have guests over while using lots of dishes.

Not to mention, they are much more sanitary than the average household sink. You can use different bowls for different things such as washing the dishes, soaking them, or rinsing them.

In a commercial food setting, three compartment sinks are often used to do just that.

It makes life in the kitchen that much more comfortable. Not to mention, they are a lot more durable than most other sinks. Since they are generally made from stainless steel, these sinks will last longer and can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear.

Theys are very popular with kitchens that see a lot of traffic when it comes to parties and large gatherings.

One pro that moms will like is that it is even large enough to bathe your baby rather than trying to do it in a tiny residential sink.


It might not seem like a big surprise, but commercial sinks in the home can be more costly than others. You could end up spending thousands on a sink by the time you are buying all of the materials.

The plumbing is more intricate than it would be with a typical sink and it’s also more time consuming to install and it takes up space under the unit itself.

There’s also the issue with space in the kitchen. These sinks aren’t small. They are quite large and do tend to take up more space than you have in smaller kitchens.

If you have the counter space, however, you could opt for a drop-in sink, but these do cost quite a bit as well. The other issue is that these sink bowls are deep. The question of the matter how deep is too deep?

Another issue for most people is that they are noisy because of the lack of insulation coating that residential sinks have. This is not something you want if your home is generally quiet.


Honestly, the decision to buy a commercial sink is entirely up to you and how much space you have in your kitchen.

Sometimes you can find great bargains online when you search for these sinks. Be sure to take a look at the range of commercial sinks from Elli Bistro’s website to get a feel for different sizes and units available.

There are plenty of sinks to choose from, and many different sizes to accommodate your kitchen best if you are thinking about installing one of these in your home.