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There are two kinds of homeowners: those who don’t carry out
roof maintenance and those who do. Given this, it’s easy to assume which one
will have zero roofing problems to worry about, but you’ll be surprised to know that even those
who do carry out maintenance tasks for their roof are not spared from
roofing-related problems. What’s the problem? They’re not doing roofing
maintenance right.

The Professional Touch
Taking care of your roof is more than just about getting up
there and clearing out debris. Roof maintenance is about thoroughly inspecting
a roof so an assessment can be made, guiding the next course of action to be
taken. Clearing out debris is definitely a part of the process but you’re going
to need professional assistance to ensure a thorough check of your roof is

“Why hire when you can do it yourself?”

Doing your own maintenance will give you a certain sense of
accomplishment but hiring a professional is much better because of the
following reasons:
1. Professionals have the right tools to get the job done.
They also have years of experience using these tools so they can work faster
and produce much better results.
2. Professionals know what to look for. For many
homeowners, roof problems are usually limited to roof leaks and a few other minor
problems. Pros know how to spot the earliest signs of damage, helping prevent
the simplest roofing issues from growing, which can lead to more significant
problems later on.
3. Some roofing materials require specific maintenance.
Roofing materials have their own quirks and professional roofers have a good
grasp of these. Not to mention that manufacturers generally have their own set
of care instructions, which have to be followed to ensure that you don’t void
your warranty.

“But it looks like a really small problem!”
Without the right tools and experience, you can end up
worsening your small problem in a flash. Professionals are around roofs all the
time so they are well-versed in the different situations that they might come
face-to-face with once they are up there, helping them avoid accidental damage
that an inexperienced homeowner like you might not be able to prevent.

“Does that mean I should just leave it to the
Yes and no. Of course, you can leave the maintenance tasks
to the professionals but it is still your responsibility to ensure that
maintenance is carried out on a regular schedule. You should also keep an eye
out for roof issues so they can be addressed as soon as possible. Just because
you can’t go up on your roof doesn’t mean you can’t make observations from the
ground and inside your home.

Roofing maintenance does a lot to extend the life of a roof
but it also has its limits. If you feel that your home could benefit more from
a roofing replacement, don’t hesitate to talk to your contractor about options
available to you.

Gary Powers is the founder of Up and Above Contractors, a
New Jersey Company specializing in home improvement solutions. Since 1993, he
has been helping countless people find the best roofs, windows, and other home
improvement options. For updates from Gary, check out the company blog!