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When considering the
structure of a room interior, there are many things to keep in mind. It is no
secret that the choice of furniture, as well as its positioning and density are
of key significance for the general layout of the room, same goes for color and
pattern of your walls and size and distribution of your windows. However, most
people are not that aware just how crucial effect can a well-chosen and well
placed rug have on the aestheticism of your home’s interior.
Giving Your Room Its Aesthetic Character


The right rug can be
the key to giving your room completely different aesthetic image and character
as well as giving it a completely new perspective than the one it would have
without it. There are many ways in which rug selection can influence the
general perception that you and others have of your room.
Features that
influence this are the texture and the color of the rug, but also about its
shape, size and its position in your room. Here are some of the ways in which
you can manipulate these features into being your greatest ally, on a quest to
decorate your room with the use of rugs.
The Right Proportions


The question of “how
to select the right rug for you and your home?” is not that simple to answer.
Still there are a couple of rules that everyone should be aware of and that
should definitely help you chose the best rug for the space youhave available. First
of these few simple rules, upon which most of the modern designers agree is
that sometimes “less is more”.
The width of your
straight runner rug should be about the width of your door or few inches less.
On the other hand if you want to use the round area rug in your home, it should
be positioned under some lighter fixture. As we found out in a recent interview
with the people behind a highly-rated company specialized in runner rugs, for the hallway rugs, use the length to cover the entire hallway and make
sure to leave enough space wall to rug on both sides because of the symmetry.
Also if you have any furniture in your hallway, make sure to keep it completely
on or completely off the rug.
A Two-Rug Room


Using two rugs versus using one rug both have their advantages and disadvantages.
However, it is a common knowledge that when using two rugs in the same room, it
is sometimes best to use rugs of different proportions. This is quite important
thing to know since using two rugs of the same size can make your room seem
considerably smaller.
The main reason for
using of rug in decorating your interior is to make use them with purpose to
separate different areas within the same room. This is especially good and
useful for rooms that have double functions such as office / guest room or in
case that your apartment is at the same time also an artistic studio.
The Lifesaving Liners


Using liners to fix
your rugs is always both practical and smart idea. However, your liner should
never be too visible and too transparent so that it may seriously threaten the
harmony between your rug and the floor. This is why you should always try to
find liners that visually match the color of your floor and through this try
and make them invisible.


Choice of the right
rug for your room is as crucial for its general look as is the choice of the
right furniture. Therefore, it is something that should be done with care and
awareness of both your room’s possibilities and its needs. If you manage to
keep all this in mind when choosing it, you simply cannot fail.