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Power tools are great for some jobs, but it’s the basics that come in handy most often. Whether you’re a home improvement pro or taking a do-it-yourself approach to remodeling, these classic, techy and safety tools should all have a place on your workbench or device. Here are some of the best home improvement tools, from the toolbox to your smartphone.

Classic Tools

Step Ladder: Utilizing vertical space is very important, especially for smaller spaces and homes. Make sure that you have a step ladder to reach those hard-to-get-to areas of your home.

Steel Hammer: Stainless steel is indestructible, and a stainless-steel hammer will last for years. Keep this tool on hand for demolition projects or small-scale projects like hanging artwork.

Bubble Level: This tool can come in handy for a variety of projects around the house. With a bubble level, you can tackle little jobs such as fixing crooked electrical outlets and leveling appliances. Or use a bubble level to lay tile or put it to work when hanging items on the walls.

Tech Tools

Build.com App: This award-winning app can help you visualize home improvement projects by using augmented reality technology. App users can experiment with a range of different styles, placements and finishes to see how each will look in the home.

TapPainter App: Before you even lift a paint brush, try the TapPainter app. With this app, you can add different paint colors to the walls around your home to virtually “try them on” to see if they will work in the space. The app even considers natural lighting conditions and adjusts color brightness based on the room in the image.

Home Improvement Cals App: This home improvement smartphone app offers more than 250 DIY and home improvement unit conversions and calculations. App users can even save calculations to a favorites list or email inputs and results, so that everyone working on the renovation project has the right calculations.

Safety Tools

Lung Protection: Whether you are sawing and sanding or crawling in an attic, lung protection should be used. Toxic airborne particulates such as fiberglass, asbestos, mold and more can all be found in the air when undergoing extensive home renovation projects, especially demolition work. Stay safe and protected by using respirators or masks. Many respirator masks have replaceable filters, so be sure to have some extras stashed away.

Hearing Protection: Prolonged exposure to power tools and outdoor power equipment can result in hearing loss. That is why hearing protection should be one of the safety tools that you have on-hand when needed. Earmuffs provide the best hearing protection. And earplugs, although they offer less protection than earmuffs, can also protect your hearing.

Safety Glasses: Eye protection is essential when you are working on home improvement projects. Safety glasses are inexpensive, and it is wise to have a couple pairs around. Keep in mind that wrap-around safety glasses offer the most eye protection. And consider tinted safety glasses for outdoor renovation projects.

From smartphone apps that can be used to make home improvement tasks easier to classic tools such as hammers, step ladders and levels, these essential home improvement tools can help you get the job done, whatever the project may be.