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Old pieces of
furniture can be compared to elderly folks – they are capable of telling
interesting stories acquired through time. They are authentic, classic, and
irreplaceable. Some of them might have existed in the same year when you came
in this world, some might have dwelled a few years earlier than you, and some
were just kept alive due to its deep sentimental value. But there are moments,
just like in life, where we have to move forward and focus on what is “now.”
Instead of
throwing or giving away your outdated or broken furniture, give new life to it
using proper materials, right amount of effort and unlimited supply of

From an
old storage cabinet to a hip laundry basket organizer
Laundry time is
one of the most tiring household chores, especially when the clothes are
unorganized. Instead of buying a new organizer to help you with the laundry,
create one using your tattered storage cabinets. Remove the shelves from the
cabinet and screw metal angles on the sides of the wood, These hold your
baskets, allowing you to easily roll them out. Make sure the distances of the
angles from each other are equal and are enough to hold four laundry baskets.
After establishing your base and painting it, you may now insert the baskets
that are properly labeled.
From an
old-fashioned bookcase to a modern model car display shelf

If you are an
avid car collector, this
trick will surely work for you. Instead of hiding your collections in a storage
box to preserve their value, you may create a stunning diorama in your old
bookcase. After cleaning, repainting, and varnishing the bookcase, place the
cars inside and arrange them based on your preferred setting. You may think of
a scene in a gas station, in a car showroom, in a garage, or just let them
shine without any props and decorations. It would be better if the case has
glass doors or sliding glass to protect your cars from dust.  For more impact, put a special lighting on
your display cabinet.

From a tattered wooden chair to an highly-functional shelf

Do you have old,
rustic dining chairs whose defective legs are almost giving up on you? Instead
of disposing of these chairs, you may transform them into a wall-mounted shelf.
You just have to find a chair that has a straight, rigid back and is suitable
to be hung on the wall. Remove the legs of the chair (unless you want to
experiment on its creative placement). Drill holes to prevent the chair from
splitting then simply use long screws to secure your chair on the walls. For
more stability, you may also use wall anchors.

From a crib from the past to a toddler’s art desk in the
Kids grow up so
fast. It seems like yesterday when your kids were still crawling in their
cribs, crying for milk. But even if they are now a little older, you can still
let them use their cribs but for the purpose of studying and creating their
first masterpieces. To transform it into a desk, remove the front panel of the
crib then add two thick particle boards on the mattress base that will serve as
the table top. Now that you have a desk, it’s time to furnish it with art
materials. Put hooks on the spindle headboard and use them to hang materials
like scissors, pen holders, whiteboard, and small shelves for paper storage.
From old
drawers, trapped in a broken frame to an eye-catching wall shelf

If the dresser cannot be revived, at least, save the drawer
boxes and turn them into colorful shelves. Paint the interior and the exterior
of the drawer boxes and mount them on your wall using drills and long screws.
Let your imaginative mind rule in placing the boxes on your walls regarding
their distance to one another, their shapes and sizes, and their alignment.

From a broken wooden window shutter to a useful  mail organizer
Have you ever
been tempted to insert a piece of paper in your shutter window and see if it
falls or stays? I have tried this as a kid and now I want to do it again by
finally transforming a broken shutter to a mail sorter. Clean and repaint your
shutter then put a piece of plywood at the back. The wood should be of the same
size as the inside edge of the shutter. Staple the plywood into place then draw
lines at the back of the wood to mark every third shutter. Staple the plywood
to the markers as well to create a stop for the mail. After adding the
finishing touches like lettering or hooks for your keys, you may now mount
your  creative product on the wall

From an
antique sewing machine to a trendy dressing table
Growing up, we
usually see our grandmothers using an antique sewing machine and we were amazed
by the noisy yet creative process. Instead of merely watching it slowly fade
through time, make it worthwhile again by using it as your dressing table.
Since it has already been established as a table, there will be less amount of
work needed. Just add a subtle touch of modernism by painting the interior and
exterior, varnishing it, and putting some dividers in the cage of the machine.
Finally, put a mirror on the foldable cover to make it look more like a
dressing table.
From a rustic
ladder to a chic magazine rack

Don’t let your
most valued magazines and newspapers invite dirt and dust while hiding under
your table. Let their existence be part of your modern interior by displaying
them using a sleek wooden ladder. No drills and no screws needed. Just lean the
ladder on the corner of your room and hang your reading materials on the rungs.
From an
outdated suitcase to a vintage side table

A lover of
vintage themes? Turning your grandpa’s 1950s suitcase into a storage table
might be a great idea. Firstly, you have to create a table base using a plywood
that is slightly smaller than the size of the suitcase. Then put four table
legs or spindles onto the corners of the wood using two L brackets on each leg
and screws. Add trims around the base to further stabilize it and then paint
the entire table. After establishing the table, you may now place the suitcase
by screwing it through the base.
After the
remodeling and tearing up the pieces of your furniture, should you throw away
the wood scraps? Perhaps not. 
From torn
wood scraps to be thrown away to colorful masterpieces worth keeping

The trash for
other people may be a treasure for designers. Using a wood glue, combine the blocks
of various shapes and sizes to create a large rectangular canvas, preferably 20
x 16 inches. After creating the canvas, bring it to life using special wood
paint. Play with the colors, lines, and shapes, and take advantage of the
wood’s texture as you unleash the inner artist in you.

Carmina Natividad is an all-around artist, writer, and
designer. She shares her deep interest in interior design by writing
informative blogs for Bay Gallery, an Australian-based company that has been offering a
wide range of high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture since 2006.