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The Uses of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a term used to describe wood that is reused for a new purpose. A variety of wood species can be reused in a number of ways to have a material that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Today’s decor uses reclaimed wood to create statement pieces in the home as well as in traditional formats such as flooring or furniture. Learning more about the uses of reclaimed wood can help you to see how you can use reclaimed wood in your own home.


One of the newest ways that reclaimed wood is being used in homes today is with flooring. Reclaimed wood can be milled and customized to your application, providing character and visual interest in the home. Most reclaimed wood used for homes comes from old flooring and joists of homes and buildings.

When installing wide plank hardwood flooring, the wood shows off the patina and marks better with reclaimed wood than with smaller planks. As the homeowner, you can easily choose unfinished and prefinished flooring, finding the right type to suit your decor needs.

Stair Planks

If you have stairs in your home, reclaimed wood can be repurposed for the planks of your flooring to create a rustic staircase. Treads, risers, and stringers can be created from the same material, using the reclaimed wood to create a custom and cohesive look in the home. Open risers can be used, narrow or wild planks, allowing you to create a unique look for the stairs in your home.

Wood Beams

Another popular way to use reclaimed wood in the home is with wood beams. Reclaimed wood can add an element of character to any room when used in a solid wood beam or several box beams. Box beams are an option that is created with two, three or four sides that fit together to hide cables, defects in the ceiling or to add a feature to the space.

Beams are perfect for any home, from cabins and cottages or to give your traditional home a rustic feel. With reclaimed wood, the material will have notches or marks that provides visual interest that can be easily stained to bring out the imperfections of the wood.

These are just a few ways that reclaimed wood can be used in the home. Try any one of these elements or get creative to use reclaimed wood as a decorative element in your home!