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Whether you’re building your dream home, need to replace something broken or are undergoing DIY renovations, your choice of bathroom sinks and taps will be a major focus of your bathroom. Choosing the fittings to create your perfect bathroom is a big decision. The choice of tap may not be the first thing you decide on but it is important all the same. Like many things it’s the small, finer details that make the space. Choosing the right bathroom taps that both look good and do the job is crucial when deciding on those finishing touches. 

Renovation or Replacement

One of the first things to nail down before choosing your bathroom taps is whether you are replacing existing taps or completely renovating. This is important because it will dictate how many options you have further down the track.

If you’re just replacing existing bathroom taps then you may want to stick to the current setup. It will save you loads of money on any plumbing or tradesman work if you can just replace the taps themselves rather than having to accommodate a new type of tap.

If your bathroom is undergoing a complete renovation however, your options open up drastically. It’s this situation where you can truly choose the right bathroom taps for your home. You won’t be restricted by type, with your only obstacle being how much money you are willing to spend. 

Type of Tap

Bathroom Mixer

Bathroom mixers have become the most popular type of bathroom taps. They draw water from both the hot and cold pipes and mix it into a singular flow from the faucet. Bathroom mixers make it incredibly easy to get your desired temperature and are easy to use by anyone. You can easily avoid water that is too hot or cold.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps generally take the form of two separate bathroom taps. You have one tap dedicated to hot water and one tap dedicated to cold. They flow separately into your bath or basin. Because they don’t mix before hitting the basin or bath you’ll generally have to use a plug so the water can mix once it’s settled. Pillar taps aren’t as convenient or user friendly as bathroom mixers but can appeal to those for a classically focused aesthetic taste.

Wall Mounted

One of the more contemporary options are wall mounted taps. These bathroom taps extend directly from the wall over your bath or basin. These can look incredibly stylish and striking. They can be a good middle ground between mixers and pillar taps. One drawback of the wall mounted bathroom taps is that they are more challenging to install. Quite a bit of plumbing is required to hide the pipes within the wall. A more challenging install means more money so choose wisely.

Style and Finish. Contemporary or Traditional       

Once you’ve decided on a type of tap you’ll generally have a few options when it comes to style and finish. Taps are available in a wide range of styles to suit many different tastes. Do you want to go contemporary with a sharp angular design finished in a matte black? Or how about brushed gunmetal? Do you go with the lever handle for your mixer?

Maybe you’re more the classical type and decide on pillar taps in a bronze finish. Go with an ornamental curved or arcing tap to finish the look. Rotational handles are a classic choice and can come in various styles such as cross handle taps, with the four distinctive knobs.

With so many different types and style of taps available it can be hard to decide what one is right for you. Do your research and don’t rush into anything. Once you’re ready, head to a supplier such as http://abey.com.au/ and start looking for the perfect bathroom taps for your home.