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Commercial vacuums are great for cleaning.  They work well for any environments, including offices and workshops.  Since there are many different types available, how can you choose the right one for you?

There are plenty of things you will need to consider before you get a commercial vacuum.  This article will tell you what factors you should consider.  This way, you can get the commercial vacuum for your needs.

Type of Vacuum

There are three main types of vacuums.  Upright, canister and backpack vacuums are the three main types.  Each one offers a variety of uses, while others are more practical.  Depending on what you need the vacuum for, one type will be better.

Upright vacuums offer excellent power than other vacuums, but they’re heavier.  Canister vacuums include two parts.  They are easier to carry on stairs.  Backpack vacuums are like canister vacuums, and are commonly found in office spaces.

Before deciding which vacuum is right for you, the area should be considered.  If you need to vacuum on one level, upright vacuums are perfect.  Canister vacuums work better in a workshop.  Backpack vacuums are suited for office spaces.


Commercial vacuums offer a variety of uses.  You can find some that work for sucking up wet and dry debris.  Other vacuums are suited to vacuum dangerous material, such as asbestos.  You should consider how you’re going to use the vacuum to find out which functions you need.

If you’re planning on working with wet machinery, you should make sure the vacuum can suck up the water.  They will have an extra tank that stores the water.  You can then move the vacuum over a drain and let the water drain out.


You should consider what debris you’re going to suck up.  Oil and water will require you to use a vacuum suited to handle wet debris.  Other vacuums are suited to suck up metal nuts and bolts.  For wood, you should make sure the vacuum will handle the finer wood dust and chips.

Consider what you’re going to do, and find a vacuum that can handle the task.  Otherwise, you risk ruining the vacuum due to sucking up the wrong material.   The motors can blow out, hoses can start to fall apart, and your vacuums suction power can decrease.


Depending on what you’re vacuuming, you may prefer having bags.  Bagged vacuums are suited for containing dust and reduced filter maintenance.  Bagless vacuums are better because you don’t need to spend money on bags.  There’s also less waste you’ll throw away.

While both options are good, there are some drawbacks.  You will need to spend money for new bags, and they’re less eco-friendly.  Bagless vacuums can stir up your allergy symptoms while you’re cleaning the vacuum.

Neither option is a terrible choice, but it is something you will need to consider.  Depending on what you need to vacuum, one may be a better option for you.


The filtration system is crucial to getting the right vacuum.  One of the best filtration systems is a HEPA filter.  They are designed to catch the finer dust particles.  HEPA filters also produce fresh air.  If you suffer from allergies, you should make sure your vacuum includes a HEPA filter.

Every vacuum includes a filtration system, though some are nothing more than thin paper.  You should make sure the vacuum is equipped with a decent filtration system.  Even if it doesn’t include a HEPA filter, you can still find a vacuum with a quality filtration system.

CRI Certifications

A vacuum should be CRI certified.  The Carpet and Rug Institute provides information to consumers about carpets and rugs.  They understand what you need to do to ensure your carpet has a longer life.  They also focus on better air quality for your home.

Most vacuums will be CRI certified, but you should make sure.  There is a seal of approval on the vacuum, stating it is certified.  Not only will having a vacuum that’s CRI certified enhance the life of your carpet, but the air quality in your home will be better.


Vacuums come in different varieties.  It’s crucial for you to know what to look for.  One of the most important things to remember is how the vacuum will work for you.  Though a commercial shop vacuum will have excellent suction, it won’t be practical for carpet.

Knowing what to look for in a vacuum will ensure you find the right one.  You should also make sure the vacuum is safe for your home.  Using a HEPA filter and ensuring the vacuum is CRI certified will help you choose.  You want to ensure your vacuum won’t damage your area.  You should make sure you have the perfect commercial vacuum.