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Hunting for apartments is no easy task when you have numerous options to choose. Apartments can be rented or purchased. You get to choose from furnished or semi-furnished or unfurnished apartments. But you should know what is worth to choose as per your budget, location, amenities and other requirements.

Some of the important things to you need to keep in mind while choosing a fully furnished apartment or unfurnished apartment is listed below. Read for they will help you decide the right one for you.

Fully furnished apartments

A fully furnished apartment comes with furniture which is essential for daily living. Some of the vital things which come in the fully furnished apartments are as follows:

  • Sofa, lamp and table in the living room
  • Bed, dresser and desk in the bedroom
  • Dining table and chairs in the Dining room
  • Cabinets and storage shelves in the kitchen
  • Bathroom accessories like shower curtains, floor mat, dustbins etc.
  • Appliances like utensils, glassware, pans, pots, dishes and many more
  • Some can even provide the luxury of TV and refrigerator

Advantages of fully furnished apartments

They come with many advantages some of which include some of the below points:

  • The fully furnished apartments come with almost all the required furniture. Hence, saves you a fortune on purchasing new furniture
  • Shifting the house can be super easy since it does not include moving heavy furniture
  • You can decorate the apartment to match up your taste and make it feel like it’s yours
  • Fully furnished apartments offer you all the luxury with a reasonable budget
  • Short-term leases can be an added advantage for the job hoppers or travellers
  • Fully furnished apartments can be the best choice for students and working professionals. A group of three or four can share the apartment rent and enjoy the luxury of a well-furnished place
  • Buying all the furniture may cross out your budget and financial limitations. Hence, it’s worth paying the higher rent rather than spending a lump sum amount on purchasing new pieces of equipment.

Disadvantages of fully furnished apartments

Fully furnished apartments will not let us style the home the way we want. We have live according to someone else’s taste. The disadvantages include:

  • The initial deposit may be higher and one needs to arrange a higher financial deposit.
  • For any damages caused to the furniture during the stay – the amount gets deducted from the initial deposit.
  • If you already own furniture – you should either consider selling it or storing it till you stay in the furnished apartment.
  • Storing the existing furniture might involve packing and shifting it to another place which is again an added expenditure.
  • Maintaining fully equipped apartment is a legal responsibility and failure to do so can leave you with the penalty.
  • Short-term leases can also be a disadvantage for people who are studying or for families with school going kids – as it requires shifting frequently.
  • If you are particular to use your own furniture, the landlord may charge you extra money for moving the existing furniture out of the apartment.

Unfurnished apartments

Unfurnished apartments come with basic essentials like shelves, lights, fan, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. Some also term it as Semi furnished apartment – which means apartments with little furniture. This can include the basic furnishing like the bed, shelves, chairs etc.

Some of the pros and cons of unfurnished or semi-furnished apartments are listed below:

Advantages of unfurnished apartments

  • You have all the freedom to choose the furniture and appliances of your choice.
  • Rent in the unfurnished apartment is much cheaper when compared to fully furnished apartments.
  • You have the liberty to place the furniture wherever you want and to deck up the place as per your choice.
  • After all, it is your own furniture and hence, you are not answerable to the landlord in case of damages.
  • You can reuse your old furniture and save money by buying new ones or on exorbitant rents for fully furnished apartments.
  • You also have the option to sell any extra or unused furniture.
  • You need not pay high deposits for unfurnished apartments.

Disadvantages of unfurnished apartments

  • Shifting the house can be a pain, as you need to pack and move all the furniture carefully. If not shifted carefully, furniture may suffer damages.
  • Shifting everything to a different city or state can be pretty expensive.
  • Apart from the existing furniture, the unfurnished apartment might need new items to settle in.
  • If you do not own any furniture, investing and buying all the furniture can be a financial burden.
  • If you want to decorate the apartment it might involve purchasing new items.
  • Finding the right place and arranging all the furniture while shifting can be arduous and time-consuming.
  • Shifting via stairs and balcony can be risky and stressful.

No matter, what apartment you want to live in – choosing the apartment at the right location matters to a great extent. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment are as below:

Advantages of living in an apartment

  • Apartments mostly include luxury amenities like play area, gyms, swimming pools, activity centres, clubs, stringent security systems and alarm systems.
  • Maintenance charges are included in the rent and hence, needs no extra monthly cost. Maintenance team of the apartment is responsible to fix any damages or discrepancies.
  • Apartments come in various sizes. Small ones are perfect for living single while spacious ones are perfect for families.
  • Electricity bills are cheaper when compared to independent houses.
  • Pest control is also included in the rent and no additional charges need to be paid.
  • Maintaining the garden or swimming pool or lawn is purely done by the apartment maintenance team.
  • You can find people with similar interests inside the building and it is also safer to live because of the high-security measures.

Disadvantages of living in an apartment

  • Apartments are usually crowded with different types of people. This may also result in loud noises in some cases.
  • Some apartments will have limited amenities – in such places, kids end up playing in the parking area which can be frustrating for vehicle parkers.
  • Living closely with neighbours may force you to tolerate ferocious dogs or other pets.
  • For the group of bachelors, who want to party and dance late night – may not have the full freedom to do so because of the neighbours or small kids.
  • Privacy is lesser in apartments when compared to independent houses.
  • Super built area of apartments sound spacious but the carpet area will be much lesser.
  • Parking might be stressful if there are a number of vehicles.

Once you have chosen the right kind of apartment, it is imperative to make a requirements checklist which is necessary for shifting.

  • Make sure the new house is free of pests; if necessary take assistance from professional pest controllers to get rid of all the insects or bugs before moving in.
  • Ensure the water connections are all fine and there is no leakage.
  • Ensure all the switches, power plugs, fans and lights are intact and in working conditions.
  • Shifting can be time-consuming and tiring. Hence, keep some dry foods and snacks to munch at regular intervals. Foods like bread, biscuits, cookies, sandwiches and juices can come handy to keep your hunger at bay.
  • After travelling and packing, you need some rest to charge up and arrange things at right places. Make sure to keep all the sleeping essentials like mattresses, pillows and blankets in one box, so that you can easily pick them and sleep when required.
  • It is good to send your kids to grandparents place or close relatives place, till you finish the shifting. Kids can get allergic to dust and may trip and fall on the unsettled things. This can even damage the household equipment or result in kids getting hurt. To avoid all this, it is better to keep them out of reach for a couple of days.
  • Before arranging things, the apartment needs a thorough cleaning. Ensure to carry all the cleaning essentials like a vacuum cleaner, buckets, sponges, soaps and cleaning sprays, tissues and napkins, dustbin and garbage bags.

To make the shifting effortless in an unfurnished house – take help of professional cleaners to clean the apartment a week prior to shifting. Once you are done with the painting and cleaning. You can bring in all your furniture and other things to arrange them peacefully and comfortably.

Moving into a new house is no easy task and it is as good as setting up everything from scratch. Keep in mind, to pack things carefully and to shift it using the trusted movers to ensure no damage to your own furniture. Also, make sure to pack kitchen items, bedroom items, bathroom items, living room items and study room items separately – Name all the boxes accordingly, this can be a great use to arrange things easily.

The above information is for sure to help you choose the right apartment and to make your shifting hassle free.