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The planet has to go green before we go AWOL. Global warming is a scientific fact and the extreme weather patterns are beginning to change minds even of the most hardened skeptics. Since Paris Agreement, green technology has become a topic in every household. For many years, it was mostly the public responsibility of great corporations to take ecological initiatives in certain sectors but now, deciding whether to install solar panels for your home becomes a relevant and immediate question.

Things to Know About Solar Panels Before You Decide To Install Them in Your HomeWhat’s the deal?

The most excruciating thing about solar power technology is – why haven’t we utilized it sooner? This is nothing new for our fellow humans. People have used solar energy to, for example, heat up water in barrels since historic times.

However, the first leaps in advances of solar technologies happened in the 1950s, when PV (photovoltaic) solar electric power was developed. Photovoltaic, as a term, denotes the conversion of light into electricity via semiconducting material that exhibits the photovoltaic effect. This effect pertains to the creation of electric current in a certain kind of material when it’s exposed to light and, like photoelectric effect to which it is very closely related, it is both physical and chemical phenomenon.

Solar panels are a typical example of the photovoltaic effect. Each panel comprises of numerous solar cells which generate electrical power, and they have applications on many surfaces – they can be mounted on walls, rooftops and they can be fixed, as well as using a solar tracker to follow the sun across the sky. As this technology gains more traction, there is a great chance they will mark a beginning of the new era (if it hasn’t already begun).

Things to Know About Solar Panels Before You Decide To Install Them in Your HomeThink about the pricing

The appealing factor for many people begins and ends with a financial angle. Once you buy the panel and spend money on installing it, it’s all about capturing free solar energy. However, for a long time, many couldn’t see past the initial steep price.

Since the production of panels was at an all-time low during the first few decades, the initial units were expensive. However, with the rise of the green-oriented market, it’s becoming ever-saturated with these flat beasts and, therefore, the overall prices have gone significantly down.

There are also more financing options for customers who are looking for something more flexible. There is also a factor of local and even federal subsidies that are bringing the cost of solar power systems down even further.

The logistics

Your decision depends heavily on the setup of your household. Be mindful that you need to dedicate a lot of space to the panels. If your roof doesn’t fulfill the needed requirements and/or your yard is too small, you might be compelled to give up.

Every once in a while, the owners of big households have to spend some money on renovation. If the occasion arises, you could use this opportunity to create an extra surface or remodel your roof to make room for stable solar panels. If this seems like a too far fetched or insane investment, just think about it this way – installing solar panels can decrease your carbon footprint by 35000 pounds per year and save an average of $84 per month on your electrical bill.

Things to Know About Solar Panels Before You Decide To Install Them in Your HomeThe undertaking, however, is everything but easy. It requires additional wiring, solid panel placement and hiring a designer that will know how to blend the panels in with the rest of your house, as well as professional who will do this perfectly. Be prepared to have your schedule in shambles for at least several days.

A permit is absolutely required, so a lot of time will be lost on signing contracts back and forth, but be mindful that a good installer will have these all prepared for you to achieve maximum efficiency. Solar panels will raise the insurance premium, so be prepared to see the increase in monthly pricing by a few bucks.

What are the trends

We are witnessing an era of green technology sophistication as a new home solar-powered Tesla battery hit the market in June of 2017. In this example, we can see it’s all about trying to cram more storage in a smaller unit, just like with computer technology.

Most of the products right now are relying on advancing and promoting this perk of maximum storage space that can power your house throughout the night, and this is where most of the competitiveness is boiling.

Things to Know About Solar Panels Before You Decide To Install Them in Your HomeSolar panels have also had some impact on urbanization and exterior design, mostly pertaining to the yards. The panels need to be exposed throughout the day to the sunrays so trees, tall buildings and even something as chimney can present an issue.

This is why most of the houses that come with roof panels tend to be grouped in a location that doesn’t have tall buildings around, and many people are ready to commit to drastic changes in their yard, which sometimes includes cutting off trees that took decades to grow, to adapt the surroundings.

The world is changing and we need to learn how to change with it. Thankfully, nothing develops as fast as technology, which is the only saving grace humanity can cling on if push comes to shove. Solar panels are a new frontier that shows a lot of promise. In order to ameliorate your yearly carbon footprint, you’d have to plant the equivalent of 88 trees on annual basis. Solar panels are bound to relieve you of such responsibility.