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Hand-sculpted or hand-scraped hardwood flooring has been returning to the fore over the last couple of years. However, most people do not know what it means and how old the tradition is. There are certain factors and pros and cons to consider when installing hand-scraped hardwood flooring.

History of Hand-Scraping: Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is being used since as early as the 1600s (if not earlier), when wood planks were regularly used as a flooring surface. The age-old artisanal tradition of creating scrapes, divots, and buffing away at some parts is still prevalent, although a large number of planks are being machine-treated these days. However, it goes without saying that a talented artist is the one who can select and beautify the wood with the creation of custom markings. Hand-scraping was originally done for smoothening planks in order to make a surface more even. Today, hand-scraping is cherished for the aged and unique beauty that it adds.

Types of Hand-Scraping: Hand-scraping can be done to a certain degree of one’s choice, depending on the appearance one prefers. The lightest happens to stay the best over time. A hardwood floor with more character might get outdated over time.

It should be kept in mind that hand-scraped hardwoods are similar to distressed hardwoods, but the latter are usually done with a wire and machine creating markings all along the surface. Distressed hardwood floors usually have lesser variation as far as texture is concerned and might be perfect for some homes if hand-scraping happens to be an extreme for certain tastes. The most superior quality of hand-scraped hardwood floorings are made by professionals and manually.

Benefits of Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring: The appearance of a hand-scraped and aged hardwood floor helps in concealing damages like minor scratches and scuffs. However, everything cannot be hidden and it is essential to maintain one’s floors as best as one can.

The biggest benefit is that hand-scraped hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and clean like any other hardwood floor surface. Hand-scraping is also not just for solid hardwoods. This can be done on laminates and engineered floors to some extent. Modern-day hand-scraped floors enjoy that advantage of extra protection as they are often available with effectively protective finishes.

Things to consider when installing Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring:

· These things include moisture as the floor is a wooden one. One should carefully notice spills and wipe them off without delay.

· Regular cleaning and dusting helps in keeping hand-scraped hardwood floors at their best.

· These floors need to be refinished when considerable amount of damage takes place. The labor and cost of refinishing is usually extensive. This is due to the fact that the floors would need to be re-sanded, scrapped by hand, and then sealed and finished. However, proper maintenance ensures that hand-scraped floors would never need to be refinished.

· Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is an expensive flooring option that costs twice as much as a hardwood laminate. One must consider his budget and the amount he is willing to spend before opting for hand-scraped hardwood floors.

· Hand-scraped hardwood floors, being durable, can withstand the regular wear and tear of everyday life. However, it is common for these floors to turn squeaky and lose their shine over time. These floors can be replaced or refinished in future.

· Hand-scraped hardwood floors are an ideal flooring option for those who are trying to find ways of making scratches and scrapes less noticeable.

Homeowners get attracted towards hardwood floors due to the timeless and classic beauty of these floors. Moreover, with various kinds of hardwoods to select from, a homeowner is certain to find the hardwood flooring that perfectly matches his personality, personal style, and the existing space.