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One will start thinking or
refurbishing the living room when either he/she has purchased a second hand
house, or the state of the present house has become old.
Either way one has to carefully
consider various aspects before actually implementing the vague ideas that a
person has in mind. Factors like meticulous planning, drawing of the changes
and the cost involved has to be ascertained first.

You can start by zeroing in on
the colour paints. Normally neutral colours are everyone’s choice. Colours like
white, beige, grey, and ivory are neutral colours. But if you want a cheerful
look, you can go for colours like wine red, pink, light purple etc. Having one
colour for all the walls and having only one wall painted in a different colour
can also be considered. This will give an exclusive look to the room. After the
walls, the colour of the ceiling has to be determined. White ceiling gives a
feeling of height and openness to the room. Having a darker shade matching the
walls on the sides of the ceiling will also give an elegant look. The kind of
paint its texture has to be finalised after a thorough study of the various
paints available in the market.

After the ceiling it is time to
look at the floor, either change the entire flooring, or carpet the sides, and
do patch work in the centre, or carpet the whole floor. Carpeting the floor
saves on one’s budget  as it is cheaper.
But if the floors are totally worn out, damaged, cannot withstand the weight of
the house any more then it would be prudent to change the entire floor,  concrete or marble, or granite or wooden.
Needless to say the flooring, carpet or otherwise should match the walls.
Next step is to refurbish your
furniture. If your purse strings are already pulled to its maximum then just
putting on slipcovers to the existing furniture would be practical. You can
also consider changing first the sofas, then the couch at a later date. The
material involved either as slipcovers or new sofas should be seriously
considered. Cotton makes a very comfortable and soothing material for the skin.
But this will be more practical for a tropical climate. Materials like suede,
velvets, silk can also be considered taking into account the weather condition.
Next in order comes the curtains
or blinds. This of course should match the walls and furniture. Blinds give a
smart look to the room. Curtains with floral patterns will make the room look
warm and cheerful.
New accessories can be selected
matching the brand new look of the room. A huge painting can be hung making
that wall the focal point of the room. In addition some small curios can be
thrown in to give it a personal touch. But one should not get carried away and
clutter the room. Keeping it simple at the same time giving it a personality
will bring in lots of accolades from the guests.

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