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You’ve decided to give your home a little facelift to improve its curb appeal. Despite the new siding
or additional coat of paint, however, looking at it from the driveway, you can’t help but notice that your house is still looking a little bit forlorn. The likely issue? Some of your windows have apparently seen better days. Window
replacement seems to be in order, and that blank wall on one side of the house would definitely look great with a new window. But, where does one start?

The first step is deciding which windows need to be replaced entirely, and which may require only simple repairs.
You may also want to consider where a new window or two may be installed. Price consideration will be a major factor in the decision, as you’ll want to make sure you get value for money. Replacing and installing your windows with new windows at the lower end of the price scale often doesn’t prove to be the smartest thing to do. In fact, homeowners should be ready to fork out some serious cash for windows made by manufacturers that integrate good manufacturing processes and environment-friendly materials in their products.

But will it be worth the extra cost? Energy Star-rated windows can lower your energy bills by 7% to 15%
annually. That’s pretty good savings, for sure, but contrary to what many homeowners think, your windows aren’t really going to pay for themselves anytime soon, not unless you veer away from measuring value in terms of dollars and cents. Your new or replaced windows can cost US$8,000 – US$20,000 upwards, but the intrinsic value would be immeasurable. How so? By using only products made from recycled and recyclable materials, such as window frames from Renewal by Andersen, for instance, you can make an invaluable contribution towards saving the planet.
If you’re looking to recoup the cost of your windows quickly, however, you should know that it will realistically take quite some time to do so. The good news is, your new windows can enhance the look of your home as well as keep it comfortable and dry, thereby boosting the overall value of your home (and increasing your equity).
The new windows, if you go with double-paned to replace the old single-paned ones you had, will also be a lot more efficient at keeping the cold out.
Further, you should choose a window that matches the architectural design of your house. The colors of the trims and frames of your windows should also be carefully considered. The important thing to keep in mind is that light frames that contrast with your home’s siding can give the impression of an interior that is open and bright; dark frames tend to lessen the impact of your windows and give an overall impression of a boring and unexciting house.
Drive around your area and look at the designs and colors of your neighbors’ houses. This will give you an
idea on what colors and styles of windows are popular around your area and will guide you in blending in with your neighborhood, rather than clashing with it.
Yet another important consideration is deciding which of your windows should allow for good ventilation. You would probably require operable windows in certain key spots in the home to allow for the movement of air in and out of the house. Most houses have a combination of operable and fixed windows.

Unless one is an experienced carpenter, deciding to get a professional contractor is the way to go. Major window manufacturers spend a lot of time and resources in training and certifying their installers, so they will give you good value for money. More often than not, using the same contractor who sells their own brand of windows will minimize problems that may arise later.

As president and general manager of Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles, Lance Schepps is committed to helping clients make their homes more energy efficient, comfortable and beautiful. He believes that the first step to achieving these goals is to help homeowners make smart window replacement decisions. Check out the  company blog for more of Lance’s tips, industry news, and company updates.