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If you are one of those mothers like me whose husband works almost 24/7 then you know how frustrating it has to do all the chores even the “manly” ones around the house.

Like plenty of other ladies out there, I am sure, I also dreaded the intimidating and frightful world of gardening power tools.

I insisted on doing everything manually in the garden and leaving the grass to grow sometimes looking like a jungle in my backyard, until my husband has a chance to mow the lawn.

But I have soon come to realize that garden tools are nothing to fear and quite easy to use.

A Few Reasons Why Not to be Afraid of Gardening Power Tools

I found that I mostly feared garden tools because of the loud noises they make, and the danger that they hold to cause injury. Once you get a tool that you are comfortable and learn how to use it all these reservations will disappear.

Let’s face it, power tools, whether for garden or anything else, really do make the workload easier and gets the job done faster.

So, three reasons not to be afraid of gardening power tools!

It is Not Just a Man’s Job

We all have this predisposition to believe that gardening is a man’s job and that it is a much too physical and intricate job for women. In actual reality gardening tools have become so user-friendly and I really is not that difficult. More and more women today are stepping into the male territory and visa versa, all roles have become open to both women and men.

Does Not Need To Be Hard Physical Work

Using Power Tools in the Garden takes the hard physical work out of having to do it manually, making easy and less physically demanding so even a fragile little lady can do it!

Cordless Leaf Blowers

I must say cordless leaf blowers are my favorite garden tools by far. I just love the flying leaves and the fast progress I can make with a powerful blower while cleaning up the yard in the fall.

I was absolutely terrified of being electrocuted by accidentally tipping over its own cord, I had sleepless nights over this. In damp conditions during the fall season, the cord was pulled through ponds of water and wet leaves. It definitely felt dangerous, despite the fact that manufacturers make these electric tools super safe.

Luckily, I found my new best friend, the cordless leaf blower. It works like a dream and is so easy to maintain, no more folding up of cables and having to plug the blower in and out to reach different areas.

It is Not Rocket Science to Handle These Tools

Don’t know if it’s just me, but men have this way of making what they do seem so complicated, well with some things it is, but not quite the use of garden power tools.

After my husband showed me how to use some of the power tools such as the electric lawn mower, the hedge cutter and the leaf blower, I realized it’s actually pretty simple to operate once you get the hand of me, and rather enjoyable at that.

The user manuals that come with these tools are also very extensive and explains in fine details all you need to know to operate these tools.

As for the noise, just get some good headphones and switch on your favorite music!

What’s more, there are even toy leaf blowers for kids on the market! These pretend toys are fantastic opportunities to spend time together in the garden with your family.


There is no excuse for women or moms to be afraid of using gardening power tools, they are not as dangerous or as difficult to handle as we anticipated. There are also some excellent safe and easy to use models out there, such as the cordless lawn mower which makes it much easier.