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It is no secret that interior design trends change regularly. If you wish to stay up-to-date with your home furnishings, this can be expensive and challenging. However, this year, interior designers and experts are putting extra emphasis on throw pillows in their design schemes. Changing or adding new throw pillows can be an excellent way to revamp your living space or bedroom, without having to fully overhaul your furniture or break the bank. 2018 is the year of the throw pillow, and here are some of the most popular trends for throw pillows this year:


Interior designers will always experiment with textures and fabrics, and, in 2018, velvet is making a massive comeback. No longer considered outdated or old-fashioned, velvet is being used again to add a soft, rich texture to the home.

A very simple way to introduce velvet, without re-upholstering your furniture, is to add throw pillows with a combination of luxurious textures. A velvet throw pillow can be used to add sophistication and elegance to your home or be set against bohemian furniture for an eclectic look.

Prints and patterns:

When it comes to embellishments such as throw pillows, the current décor trend includes muted, soft pastel cushions contrasted against throw pillows featuring busy patterns and designs. Be it plaid, buffalo check, or geometric shapes, this is a creative way to add a splash of color in an otherwise neutral area, or to creatively pull a specific color from your overall design scheme.

Faux fur:

As with velvet, faux fur has made a comeback for throw pillow textiles in 2018. Designers and home owners alike have found that faux fur throw pillows, in a variety of colors and fur lengths, are a wonderful way to create a softer, textured edge to your home’s interior.

Earthy, natural prints:

Throw pillow trends in 2018 are as diverse as throw pillows themselves. Another currently popular throw pillow style features natural, earthy vibes. Hessian and hemp provide a wonderful natural look and texture, which is especially attractive when set against global-inspired prints.

Mud cloth throw pillows:

In keeping with the global-inspired prints on throw pillows, mud cloth is a traditional West African textile design which is increasingly gaining in popularity. Named for the original method used to dye the textile, mud cloth throw pillows provide a perfect ethnic adornment to both the living room and the bedroom, and are available in colors for every décor color scheme.

Emoji throw pillows:

Fun is most definitely a factor in 2018 interior design trends, and this is most apparent with this current popular trend – emoji pillows. There is a surprisingly large selection of emoji throw pillows available. Not only can you get the classic round yellow cushion, with the various well-known expressive faces of your favorite emojis, there are even pillows shaped like some of the lesser known text icons. For children, or the young at heart, emoji throw pillows are a fun addition to your home.

Floral prints:

Floral prints on throw pillows are also very popular this year. Introduce a touch of nature to your home with beautiful botanical and tropical designs on your throw pillows. The beauty of nature is best seen via its vibrancy of color, and this is the element which the floral print throw pillow trend focuses on. Floral prints with bold, vibrant primary colors set against earthy greens are all the rage when it comes to throw pillows this year.

Iridescent Embellishment:

Iridescent tones provide color, elegance and an opulent finish to your home. The beauty of iridescence is the rainbow hues which can be achieved with metallic yarns and jewel tones in your throw pillows. Fun and vibrancy is the 2018 trend across the board with throw pillows, and iridescent embellishment is a simple way to add factor to your home.