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Whether you live in a 19th century farmhouse, a city centre conversion or a modest suburban bungalow, the rustic look is something that is always in fashion and never looks out of place.

It is also eminently practical and hard wearing, whatever challenges your lifestyle might throw at your busy home. From the Lord of the Manor returning from a morning of riding accompanied by his muddy dogs, to a houseful of kids just back from the park, the rustic decor look provides style and practicality. Here are four tips for adding that country look to your home.


While a beauty of this style is the variety of choices you can make, one thing you definitely do not want is light coloured carpets. The basis on which to build your overall theme has to be a hardwood floor – but you might be surprised at just how simple and inexpensive it can be.

Today’s laminate floors look just like the real thing, and 6mm grade is less expensive than even the cheapest carpet – and far better quality. If you want to push the boat out, other options include parquet flooring and traditional solid wood. Just take a look here to get an idea of the wide range of materials and colours that are available.

The centrepiece

Mention the words rustic or farmhouse, and the first thing you think of is probably a wooden kitchen table and chairs in the centre of the room. No doubt about it, that would certainly look great, but it is not the only option.

How about a kitchen island made of stone or reclaimed bricks for something truly unique? If you think that sounds a little heavy for your new wooden floor, there are some clever technological workarounds, such as Airstone, which give the look and feel of stone, but are far lighter and more manageable to work with.


Wooden pallets are the interior decorator’s best friend when it comes to a farmhouse style.  With a little imagination, some basic woodworking skills and a pot of varnish, you can create a wide variety of unique accessories.

Shelves and benches are popular applications, and there are plenty of specialists out there providing their own one-off designs if the DIY route does not appeal. Or how about one of these amazing wine racks to hang on your wall?


If pallets are our best friend, rope and twine are not far behind for versatility in creating a simple finishing touch to your home décor. Try wrapping your kitchen cabinet handles in twine to give them a more textured look and feel, for one of the most simple ways of adding rustic charm.

Elsewhere in the house, rope looks great as an unusual material for picture frames and lamp bases. Check out your local store, or even have a try at breathing new life into your old accessories – all it takes is some twine and a glue gun, so what have you got to lose?