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Every homeowner knows that for one to be in possession of a useful quality tool, he or she has to pay with a not less amount of money. This fact calls for extra care to be taken on each and every homeowner’s tool to ensure that it last for long as well as serve the intended purpose. Incorrect use of tools causes injury both to the users as well as the tool itself, makes work harder and end up taking longer than required.

Let me give you an important guideline that must be adhered to enhance tools’ durability, stay safe, as well as save time and money.

Use tools to their intended purposes

Many times homeowners may get tempted to compromise the use of a certain tool for a different purpose. For example, one may be tempted to use a butter knife to open a can; this will result in a curved edge of the butter knife, causing it not to serve its real purpose and in turn call for a replacement.

Not using the right tool for the job is not only expensive but also shortens the life of that particular tool as it fastens the rate of wear and tear. When it comes to drills and drivers, homeowners must be in a position to select the most suitable depending on the type of job being done.

Considering between impact wrench and impact driver is also key as each comes with its benefits. The impact driver is engineered to drive in screws very easily and quickly. The impact wrench is used to assemble products, especially in major construction jobs. It is designed to perform the job at a reduced amount of noise. Both tools are power driven.

Choose the right tool depending on the purpose of job being done

Assemble tools correctly before use

Most of the homeowner’s tools require assembling before they are put to use. If a tool is incorrectly assembled, it is likely that the job will be poorly done or the tool in use will get destroyed.

For woodwork, fixtures installation as well as any other home improving project, every homeowner must own a drill. For the drill to last longer, the user must understand how to put a drill bit in so as not to damage the drill. To do this correctly, one must select a drill bit of the correct size depending on the size of the hole required, then fix it properly following the provided guide.

Select a right drill bit before use

Correctly assembled tools not only perform the quality job but also lasts for long as they are not prone to damages.

Purchase high-quality tools

It is obvious that there are tools every household should own including screwdrivers, hammer, lever, utility knives, nail set, tape measure, pliers, drills, c-clump among others. These tools have different uses and come in various prices, most of which are high.

Investing in high-quality tools pays off as they serve the intended purpose, are not prone to damages and their rate of wear and tear is not rapid. Investing in high-quality tools may seem expensive in the beginning but proofs to be cheap in the long run as there is no frequent need for repair and replacement as these tools last for long.

Proper storage

Every homeowner must have a well-designed store for all the tools. A good store should be free from moisture, dust, excessive heat as well as pests. This ensures that tools remain in good condition while not in use.

Additionally, all tools must be thoroughly cleaned depending on their types, dried and oiled to avoid rust. Proper storage is also a way of ensuring that tools are safe and can not be handled by unintended people and therefore eliminating damages or theft.

In a nutshell, all homeowners must follow proper guidelines on how to take care of tools in order to enhance durability. Knowledge on how to put a drill bit in ensures that a drill lasts for long and serves the intended purpose. Understanding the use of impact wrench and impact driver also saves time and leads to a perfect job being done. Additionally being in possession of all tools that every household must have ensured correctly use of tools and therefore no compromising.

Abigail is the founder of Thehandynest, where she and her trusted blog that’s full of tutorials, ideas, advice and information will inspire you and help you with your home improvement and other needs. She is also a mother of two where she enjoys her passion and her dream of making the best place for her children.