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Have you ever considered turning your home into a green home?  We live in a world where it is highly
important to be environmentally conscious, green living starts at home and it’s easier than you think to live the green lifestyle.
Green housing is becoming highly popular particularly when it comes to new builds, however there are plenty of ways to make your current property into a green home. Just follow these straightforward tips for
arranging a green home.
LED Lighting
Okay so you’ve decided to go green – now what? The first step that you should take is changing all your light bulbs, a simple task that could save you hundreds in energy bills. The rising electricity prices and
lower LED lighting costs make this decision a no brainer. A green home simply would not be complete without the new generation of energy efficient lighting. There are many  reasons you need ledlighting,  the most important being the hundred or so pounds per year that you could save on energy bills – it’s never been more important to make the switch.
Most houses today favour wooden, tilled or stone flooring, however these contemporary looks can come at a cost especially when it comes to heating your home. Rugs are a great way of providing rooms with an overall warmer feeling. In colder climates a rug is a great energy conservation benefit as it helps to retain warm air longer.
Solar Power
Installing solar power into your home can not only reduce your reliance on fossil fuels but will also reduce your energy bills quite significantly. Just by using solar panels to heat your water can save you up to 50% on your annual heating bills. Active solar power is most commonly fitted in the UK, this involved fitting solar panels to the roof.
It is a well known fact that most of the households heat loss is lost through the roof – around 25% to be exact. Insulating your loft will give you maximum energy efficiency and its relatively inexpensive to
do. The recommended thickness is 270 mm in depth so if you already have insulation be sure to make sure it fits the these recommendations – it will certainly save you money in the long run. Make sure you get a roofing contractor to help you with these kinds of projects.
Saving Water
By reducing the amount of water you use you could help to save wildlife by reducing the amount of energy needed to treat the water. Fitting a water saving flushing system on your toilet is also a good move however most new toilets already come with a dual flushing system nowadays.
Always turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, an estimated 5-6 litres of water is wasted every time you brush your teeth, it’s a simple taste but it the long run could save money. When it comes to doing your washing be sure to fill the washing machine, don’t be tempted to do a half load, the same with your dishwasher and if it’s fitted with an Eco friendly mode be sure to leave it on that setting.