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Speaking of home security everyone thinks first of securing the house itself. But, defense line against burglars starts few yards around the house. It starts with your front yard and with your backyard.
Nowadays no one’s digging the trench around the house like medieval men did around castles. That doesn’t mean your house can’t be protected like one of those medieval castles if you use modern security solutions.
Securing front yard is not that important, because most of the burglars don’t use it to approach the house that they marked as target. The answer is simple: they can easily be seen and noticed by neighbours or by the people walking by.
In this article, we’ll focus on how to secure your backyard.
Backyard is the most vulnerable part of your estate, because is out of everyone’s sight. It’s easiest for burglars to approach the house, or to steal anything that is kept in the backyard (gardening tools,
garden furniture, or even a barbecue).
First obstacle that the burglar has to overcome is the fence. The fence has to be high enough so no one can jump over it. Robust fence is hard to kick in. And, if you add some steel spikes on top of the fence it is almost impossible for burglar to climb over the fence. Locking mechanism on the gate must be in the perfect condition. Installing mechanism for automatic door closing is a good idea, too.
Lightening the path through the backyard with the bright lights with integrated motion sensors
is one of the precautions. Motion detector senses the movement and turns on the light. Being suddenly lighten by the bright reflector light may surprise the burglar and deter him. Sensitivity of the motion detector is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry that some small animal or pet will trigger the reflector.
Put away anything from your backyard that is of interest for any burglar, or that can be used as a tool for breaking and entering your house. It means that you put away gardening tools (shovels, rakes, spades, hammers, screwdrivers, and so on). Place for keeping the tools is the garage (locked, of course) or the basement of the house. Don’t ease the burglar by leaving the ladders on the center of your backyard.
Some things have to be kept in the backyard like set of garden furniture (chair and table) barbecue, for example, especially during spring or summer. The best way to protect them is to chain them to some kind of pole or wedge that is stuck into the ground.
Beside these previously mentioned methods, there is always an alarm and video surveillance system. Of course, you can’t cover your backyard with the alarm system, but you can warn the potential burglar that
your house is secured with one. Put some deterrent signs on the fence, or somewhere in visible spot in the backyard. Install video surveillance cameras on visible spots on the house (even dummy cameras might be helpful). Ensure that every window has a sticker with the logo of the company that installed the alarm system, or remotely monitors your house. No burglar will risk to trigger the alarm, because he doesn’t know if the alarm is functional or not. He’ll just pass, and move on onto the easier target. Putting the “Neighbor watch” signs all around the hood will deter most of the burglars from that part of the town.
One of the top security experts JD Security Monitoring advise all of their clients to take all of the precautions to protect their property. Especially they suggest to install alarm and video surveillance system integrated with the remote monitoring service, because this is the best way to protect their property and all valuable assets.
Damian Wolf is a security expert and writer. He loves to write about home & business security, tips for small business owners and about creative home improvement ideas.