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Being the best landlord is not limited to asking tough questions during the application process and only approving the ‘perfect’ tenants. You also have to know how to maintain these tenants for a long time. That means you have to keep them satisfied. By doing so, you’ll continue to attract the good ones, and you can testify that you’re indeed a great landlord. Aside from that, here are some of the tips worth considering for you to be able to give the best service possible within your rental property.

7 Ways to Be a Great Landlord

1. Everything Starts in the Screening Process. Be Courteous
You have to know how to source and identify the tenants who wouldn’t cause you a lot of headaches. This will allow you to develop a great tenant relationship over time. If you have been renting out your property for quite some time already, you’re probably aware that there could be some problems, such as trashed houses and unpaid rent. Although you may feel the need to ask a series of questions, such as their source of income, if they had issues with their previous landlord, and the like, it’s always a good idea to be courteous and treat your prospective tenants with respect. Keep in mind, first impressions last, and you don’t want your tenant to feel that you’re rude and only care about the money. You have to build a good landlord-tenant relationship if you want these people to renew their contract after it ends.

2. Be Knowledgeable
The moment you have decided to become a landlord that means you have taken on the responsibility of knowing all the laws and regulations regarding rental properties. Aside from the Fair Housing Laws, you have to know the city and state laws as well. Being a new landlord isn’t a valid reason to free yourself from knowing these; you should ask other landlords in your community and do some research. Start as early as possible, because if you don’t then you’ll be regretting a lot of things later on.

3. Pay Extra Attention to Maintenance Needs
One of the most common complaints a lot of tenants have with property owners is that, when it comes to rental property issues, it takes a while before the problem gets solved. Basically, the landlord doesn’t have the initiative to perform regular maintenance. Likewise, although some would schedule one after a tenant complains, most of the time, it’s poorly done, causing frustration to the tenant. If you want your tenant to like you, it’s very important that you exert more effort in property maintenance.

4. Be Consistent
Do you want to be respected? Then you have to be consistent at all times. That means following everything that has been written in the rental agreement. For example, if it states that the late notices would be distributed on the 7th day, then you have to stick with this. Likewise, see to it that you also perform regular inspections that have been discussed in the agreement. You want to protect the character of your business, and so, you must follow the rules you made.

5. Show Respect
Aside from being consistent, it’s also important that you respect your tenants’ privacy. You have to ensure that if there’s a need to conduct an inspection within the property, notify them at least 24 hours before the inspection. It’s also not advisable to show up unannounced as you’ll just stress the tenant if you do this. Additionally, if the tenant managed to pass the screening process, then this should give you more than enough reason to not ‘spy’ on them.

6. Show Your Tenants That They Can Trust You
You have to be honest when dealing with your tenants. You don’t want to hear them saying bad things behind your back, and by being truthful you can easily avoid that issue. Additionally, if you build trust, you’ll make them feel at ease and give them a reason to stay longer.

7. Make Sure You’re Reliable

You must make your tenants feel that they can rely on you no matter what. That means whenever they call for help, make sure that you can answer them right away. Don’t let them wait, if you can fix the problem once it happens. This also means that if you have ever made a promise to your tenant, be a man of your word and stick to that promise no matter what.

Final Words
As a landlord, it’s important that you continue to look for ways to improve your performance, as well as your rental properties. These are just some of the most useful tips that would help you do just that.