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A proven way of making a vacant rental investment fill up quickly is to revamp its curb appeal. A home, whose exterior beauty is high, not only attracts many prospects but also commands a higher rental price. The good news is that actuating such a delightful curb appeal is not impossible. The following are exciting practical ideas that you can use to maintain your property and make it attractive and irresistible to prospecting renters.

7 Things to Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Restore your property’s roof

If you’re a responsible property owner you understand the importance of scheduled maintenance. The roof is not only one of the prominent features of your property, but it is also visible from far. The condition in which it is in, therefore, will without a doubt influence the opinion and ultimate decision of prospecting buyers, renters, and appraisers. Consequently, you need to inspect your roofs for missing, faded, broken, or curled shingles and fix them. Roof restoration exercises will not only make your asset alluring, but also extend its lifespan, and eliminate the need for costly roof replacement.

Wash the face of your house

At times, the only reason your investment looks unattractive is the mildew, dirt, cobwebs, or grunge gathering on its walls. In such a case, washing the house exterior features like the walls, roof, drive, and pathways can prove quite useful. All you need is a pressure washer or a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush that has a long handle. With these tools at hand, you can effortlessly restore your home’s shiny look and even increase its market value. Real estate experts estimate that by just washing the property, you can increase its value by ten to fifteen thousand dollars.

Give your property a good paint job

A newly-painted home is an instant attention grabber. No wonder experienced landlords hasten to freshen up the paint whenever their assets become vacant. The trick to ending up with an eye-catching property is to first prepare your exterior surfaces by scraping, washing, and letting them dry before applying any paint. Additionally, make sure you have good painting skills and that you use the right color combinations. Or else, you might wind up with a distastefully looking building. Even though painting the structure may seem like a costly way of maintaining your investment, it is both essential and rewarding. For instance, it will increase both the aesthetic appeal and perceived market value of the property.

Spruce up your yard

If your rental unit has a yard, it is imperative that you make it neat. Lawns are valuable rental property selling points, but only if they are in the perfect shape. Hence, take the time to mow the lawn, water the garden, prune the shrubs, chop overgrown bushes, plant colorful blooms, and pull out invasive weeds and vines. When selecting the type of plants or flowers to grow, it is prudent to go for ones that thrive in the climatic conditions where your property is. Furthermore, chose ones that require little maintenance.Click here for some ideas.

Upgrade that mailbox

You would be amazed at the number of times landlords lost high-quality renters because of neglecting minor details. For instance, even though that leaning-to-the-side, rusty mailbox seems insignificant, it might be the reason your home takes too long to fill. Do not wait until a prospect throws a vibe about the condition of the mailbox for you to fix it. Make it upright and paint it to give it an upscale new look. If possible, add a decorative address plaque to charm your prospects.

Repair broken fixtures

There is no greater turn-off for a candidate than a broken door, a dysfunctional doorknob, or broken down shutters. The prospective tenant will quietly walk away never to come back. Avoid jeopardizing your efforts by making sure that every part of your home is in the best condition possible. For instance, you should fix old and broken down windows, door frames, faulty locks, and doorknobs. While you’re at it you could consider replacing them with trendy and fashionable models.

De-clutter the property

Even though most landlords renovate their properties to impressive levels, they make one fatal mistake of not cleaning up well after the renovation. In the end, they end up with junk either scattered all over the premises or forming an ugly heap in one corner of the compound. Although most prospects might find the house pleasing, the pile of junk will be a deal breaker. Avoid such by cleaning up well after the renovation.  Wipe off any paint or oil spills; remove construction debris, broken pieces of furniture and paint cans. If possible, hire a trash bin, or enlist the services of a professional waste removal company to tidy up your premises.