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Extra storage capacity of a closet is always an added advantage, whether you are a shopaholic or want to store your old clothes, all you need is to create some room inside the closet. Adding extra closet could be expensive, so unless you’re ready to part with extra mullah, your first step should be to revamp your existing closets. Having a small or less spacious closet doesn’t mean that you can’t fit everything you need in your closet, but what it actually mean is that you need to be little cautious and stern with de-cluttering and a little more creative with storage. It all could be done without splurging any extra money in following simple steps. Read it without any further ado.

Remove the clutter

If you are not using a thing and it’s kept here for granny years and has never been then you better know what to do with it. It’s a clutter and you should get away with it as soon as possible or else your closet will lack space for your newly bought stylish dress.

Mostly our closet is full of old and obsolete dresses that are no more in use, still they find place in our closet. Make list of such apparels and dump them or give them in charity, it is a good way to earn blessings of poor and creating extra space inside the closet.

Go vertical

The upper 25% of your closet is often under-used space, below are given the points that can help you maximize its utility. Such as:
Install a double hang
Install adjustable shelving
Install an over-head storage rack
If you want to store off-season clothes in the closet, then upper slot makes a great storage space. It is an easy way to easily access the items you need, in case you plan a trip to another climate.  You can try this
wood closet
; it’s affordable and looks great.

Organize your Daily use items

Put daily use items at most convenient location. It is ideal to have everything in place especially when it is used in a routine manner. Organizing items inside the closet in a systematic manner will help you create some space inside the closet.

Different closet for different items

It is more significant if you keep assort your clothes in different closet; this will help you create more space in both the closets for various other items or new pair of clothes. You can keep your formal apparel in a different closet so that you have more space to store casual clothes in your bedroom closet.

Double racking

You can make your closet spacious by changing the racking. Double racking means double closet capacity.
It is wonderful to have a lavish or huge closet but it is all the more useful if it has enough space inside to store all your required items behind its doors. Having a simple and organized closet gives you the privilege to enjoy your wardrobe without a struggle.

Shoe management

It is often seen that most of the time people store shoes on the lower shelf of the closet, however, if your closet provide small space then make sure you stack your shoes in a shoe rack so that you are maximizing the space in this area. If you fancy wearing shoes but not that often, try storing them separately in labeled plastics shoebox.

However, don’t forget to buy a decent step stool because there is no point storing item in the upper slot of a closet if you are unable to reach that spot. Thankfully, there is a plethora of safe, sturdy and affordable step stool available in the market to fulfill your need in a stylish manner.