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Security is paramount no matter what location is in question, be it your home or office the advent of a burglar making do with what you might hold precious is of major concern to all.

Over the years there have been some really alarming statistics on office burglaries, such so that there’s been a rapid increase in the development of new technologies to tackle the issue.

Looking for a means to make burglars meet their match? Read on to be informed.

The best procedure isn’t learning martial arts and waiting till late nights for any possible occurrence trust me, but rather having a complex physical security measure in place to serve as a barricade regardless of there being anyone around or not such as a home security system or alarm system or simply having a dog around.

It has been statically proven that Burglars prefer to enter through the front or rear door so it’s paramount you endeavor to lock both doors on leaving your home or office.

There are a number of procedures you can take in ensuring you have an effective entrance door that can prevent burglars from getting in. they include;

  1. Ensure the firmness of your door.

    Having a door of good quality is the perfect start, to begin with. If your doors, either front or rear isn’t rigid or firm enough, please they need to be replaced in order to prevent them from being kicked down easily. Also, you need to confirm their quality whether hollow or not as hollow doors tend to be created with cheap materials and covered in vanish. An easy way to confirm if your door is hollow or not is by simply knocking on it.

    I strongly recommend your exterior doors being made from either fiberglass, solid wood, solid varnished wood, or metal (ensure the metal door is reinforced inside and with a security lock in order to prevent it been twisted out of its frame with a crowbar).

  2. Consider a door with an outward opening.

    On installing a new door with a new frame and new hinges, please ensure it opens outwards as entrance doors with outward openings are more arguably resistant to burglar attempts.

    Generally, in most cases, burglars try to kick a door “in”, rather than have to wrench or crowbar it open. Although an outward opening door provides a number of demerits such as not being welcoming to guests due to it opening to their faces or easily being blocked by snow, it provides more security as it wouldn’t leave hinges exposed as an inward opening door would. It’s up to you to decide which would serve you best, but feel free to ask your local home store rep what they think.

  3. Choose the right door locks.

    Door locks are of major concern when discussing the process of burglar proofing doors. Doors play a huge role in the security of a home or office and a large part of that burden rests upon the door locks in use.

    Choosing the right door lock should also be prioritized as locks to burglar proof doors must be able to stand against brute force attacks, drilling attacks, and lock picking attacks among others.

    A go-to-lock is the deadbolt lock for residential properties as they can withstand a great deal of force. Deadbolt locks come in a number of grades and it’s the best advice for you to get the Grade 1. Longer screws should also be used in putting the locks in place. Furthermore locks with anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-snap features will increase the resistant rate of your door lock.

  4. Strengthen your door frames.

    Most door frames being simply stuck to the wall can easily be removed with a crowbar or other means. Door frames can be secured by attaching them with several screws 8 cm or more in length and placed along the door frame.

    The screws are best to be drilled into the wall itself to provide more rigidity and firmness and ensure your door is burglar proof.

    In conclusion, in order to ensure a high success and efficiency rate in burglar proofing your door either at home or office, close attention must be paid to your entrance door as it serves as the major determinant in whether you having a burglar case on your hands or not.

    I hope that you find the methods and processes above helpful and start making moves on burglar proofing your doors.


Wame is a professional writer on locks and security over at Locksmith Masters. The Locksmith Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.