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Reading liberates people from ignorance and that process has probably been the most important process ever since humans were made or developed in this world. Buying books can be described as the closest relative of reading. While borrowing books can be also one of the options, classic books and those that you really fall for when read are usually bought and placed on your bookshelves. Sooner or later, your reading habits will demand a place for storing the books that you have bought. Book by book, shelf by shelf and you will be forming a real personal library. Of course that books are the most important inhabitants of a home and every other library. However, beside books, you also need to consider how to decorate and enrich your library with other details, to give it an additional touch of sophistication.

Shelves are books’ servants
Thinking of a home library, the first and foremost thing that you need are shelves. Depending on the demands of the room that you have chosen to become your home library, you can go for shelving units or separate shelves. They come already colored, varnished or as basic wood. If you already have some items of furniture installed in your home library, the option is buying basic wood shelves and finishes them yourself. There are numerous types of varnish and you can give your shelves a fantastic final touch.
Floor that carries words

When it comes to flooring of the home library, you should pay attention to other bits of the library interior design. If you have opted for a more cutting-edge library design, then flooring should be matched with that. In that case, a fluffy 3 square meter area rug is the best solution. However, if your library smells of vintage and yellow-page-book decoration, the library area rug should better be thinner but weaved.

Decorations based on genres and region

If you keep your books divided on the basics of genres or national literature to which they belong, you should dip your mind into those cultures, as well. For example, American literature can be decorated with small statues of some American landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty. The corner for Spanish literature can be embellished with a small guitar (or a real one), so that you can feel the mental taste of the context. Also, you can join together books, CD’s and records with the music coming from those countries.

More light – easier reading

Libraries and reading have always been mysticism by those indulged in them. Perhaps that is the reason why younger generations do not feel comfortable when reading. They like colorful things that can be clicked on or tapped with their fingers to read (tablets). Because of that, libraries should turn to bright ambiance. So, try not to turn your home library into a Medieval court study, but make it bright, filled with light. Since a home library is very often the study, as well, that way you will be able to enjoy the whole feeling of reading your favorite books in your own home library, under the natural light.