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Imagine yourself by the side of your pool with cold drinks and a book in hand, isn’t it lovely? While all pool owners know that owning one will involve specific tasks that include the easy everyday tasks of cleaning, shocking, and pH balancing, sometimes there are projects that go beyond the maintenance routine. Renovating and resurfacing are daunting for most pool owners—but they don’t have to be. Fortunately, there are easy and cost-effective ways to make your pool renovation more beautiful.

Renovation Types

There is a wide variety of renovations your pool may need, each of these projects varies in scope and depth. Make sure that you are prepared for the time commitment of each task. Here are some of the common renovation types:

  • Increasing/decreasing depth
  • Pipe system replacement
  • Filtration system upgrade
  • Plaster replacement
  • Adding water features
  • Deck refinishing

Resurfacing or Replastering Renovations

Having a larger budget for remodeling will give you an option to resurface or replaster your pool. It will improve the look of a pool, and replace uneven and worn out surfaces. Additionally, you can update your old plaster finish to a more modern and popular aggregate finish that comes in different colors with options to add stones and quartz.

So, you’ve determined what your renovation will entail. Where do you begin to ensure that the beautiful pool of your dreams will be yours soon?

  • Build a Budget

What work do you want to be done on the pool? Will you add more amenities like a shady gazebo? Make a list of each job you would like to be done. Include everything you desire for your newly renovated pool, even if you don’t know the cost. Items can be removed or added later if necessary.

  • Calculate Costs

Do proper online research on pool service companies near your area with pool renovation expertise then select the best-equipped pool builder for your project. Visiting a company website may be useful to learn and compare costs, or they may be on your social media platform where online reviews and news help you to create a price and company list. Now, make a short list of 1 or 2 companies that best suit your needs, and contact them online or at their office, suggesting to have a scheduled meeting regarding your pool renovation.

Be upfront with your budget, and your flexibility in that regard. If you already have ideas in mind, they can help put in perspective concerning feasibility and costs. They would have pictures of their sample work and price ranges.

Generate ideas and see what kind of work fits their expertise, it is best that the company has previous experience with the project to be done—that they’re qualified to help you with your elaborate waterfall or lively swim-up bar.

  • Choose a Contractor

After getting your price quote from the contractors, evaluate them based on their portfolio, work timeline for the project, and warranties. Give yourself time to consider prices and double check references before signing a pool renovation contract. Also, check on what tasks will require sub-contractors. Choose one with an established reputation and the most experience.

  • Look For Energy-Efficient Equipment and Fixtures

There are many energy-efficient features that have recently become available on the market. While most are initially expensive, they can help pool owners save significantly on electric bills. Solar pool heaters are one of the most cost-effective features you can have and can be used with traditional pool heaters for added performance. A variable speed pool pump is also another piece of equipment to consider. It uses less electricity than conventional single-speed pool pumps. Also, consider using LED lights, with a wide variety of colors available, these can be installed anywhere in or around the pool.

  • Consider Automation Systems

Maintaining a pool with automated systems will allow you to save money and energy, and the headache of finding someone to do the work for you. Some features that are worth looking into include automatic pool covers, robotic cleaners, and all-in-one pool systems.

  • Look Into Protection For the Renovation

Pool renovations can get expensive depending on your project and protecting it will be necessary to avoid premature damages on your new pool parts. Hiring a service company to keep your pool and filters clean and tidy regularly is essential for your newly renovated pool. Also, they can winterize your pool when it’s not being used when the cold season starts. Additionally, you will have all the concrete in and around the pool properly sealed and checked regularly.

A beautiful and clean pool can make any home more desirable and attractive for you and your family. You can learn more here about pool repairs/renovations, cleaning, and maintenance.