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Like any other natural disaster, wildfires are unpredictable and, relatively, uncontrollable. In the blink of an eye a wildfire can ravage entire neighbourhoods, destroying homes and their contents, as we, as Canadians and as global citizens, are all too familiar with this summer.

While the most important thing is to ensure the safety of your family, it is not wrong for you to want to protect your belongings and your home either. There comes a point where there may be nothing more you can do, but until then, here are some tips for protecting your home in wildfire season.

Keep a Clear Space Around Your Home 

If possible, try to keep trees, bushes, and anything flammable or combustible away from your home. Create a buffer zone around the home, free of anything that may act as fuel for a nearby fire.

Maintain Your Homes Vent Openings 

Vent openings are one of the easiest ways that embers from a nearby fire can enter your home, lighting it up from the inside. Keep up with maintenance of these openings can reduce the chances of these embers getting into your home.

Use Fire Resistant Materials 

This may be more difficult to implement than some of the other suggestions, but having your home made of fire resistant materials can make a huge difference. Take into consideration the roofing materials, siding, and even window choices used for your home.

Using materials such as tin or tempered glass windows can go a long way in slowing a fires burn, in comparison to materials such as wood or asphalt, which offer no fire resistance.

Install Fire Alarms and A Sprinkler System 

If any part of your home does catch ablaze, knowing and being able to react as soon as possible could make all the difference. An alarm will not only help in alerting anyone in the home, but could also alert the local fire department.

If the blaze is only small, a sprinkler system may even be able to diffuse the fire on it’s own, stopping it from spreading to other areas of the home.

Be Insured 

While this isn’t necessarily a step that will physically protect your home and belongings from a fire, it is of utmost importance in protecting you and your family in the worst-case scenario.

Having a solid home insurance policy will protect you financially in the event that your home is damaged or destroyed by wildfire, and will help you fix or rebuild your home, and even replace lost belongings.

Without insurance, the devastating effects of a wildfire would only be enhanced by leaving you with no way to replace what was lost.


We may not be able to prevent or control natural disasters, but there are ways in which we can reduce the effects they may have on our lives, especially in regards to the damage they cause to our homes and belongings.

These tips for protecting your home in wildfire season are just a few of the ways that you can begin to create a more fire-resistant environment around and within your home, as well as aiding you in preparing for the worst case scenario with the least amount of impact.