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Most of the home owners ignore the masonry cracks and find them to be just a sign that the building has grown old but the reality to it is completely different. Even the small masonry cracks can become a big problem for you if you don’t treat it as soon as possible because you never know how deep is the crack from inside. Sometimes, when left untreated these cracks can become worse in cold weather and especially when it rains then get ready because water can pass through these cracks and enter your home. In a nutshell, no matter how small the masonry crack may appear to you, just get it repaired in the first go to avoid any serious damage in the future.

In fact, now things are much easier for you. Like if you live in San Jose, you have to type masonry contractor in San Jose in Google, and so many options will pop open in front of you. So, spare yourself from the hassle and use the internet to call someone to repair the masonry.

Also, stick a little longer to this article because today we are going to tell you a few tips that you should consider when it comes to repairing the masonry damage. So, people take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can be very useful for you in the long run.

1- In case of a small crack

When you have small hairline cracks, then it can be difficult for you to find out something that fits the crack to keep it shut. Now in such a situation you can go to your nearest store and find some gel or cream that can keep the crack closed. Get something like silicone or rubber gel and then apply it on the cracks with a stiff brush. This trick will work fine your you only if the cracks are small or almost invisible.

2-  In case of medium cracks

Even if it is a medium crack don’t ever go for caulking because that can be useless for you. Instead, try patching that crack up with the help of cement which is a mixture of sand and cement. For better results you can use vinyl patching cement as that will work best for those medium cracks and you won’t have to worry about them grow bigger.

3- In case of large cracks in walls

If you have a large crack in your masonry, then the best way to keep it shut is to use sand patching cement and make sure that you are applying the mixture in layers so that it can hold the large crack and not let it open wider or deeper. Note that before patching up the crack make sure that you’ve cleaned it up from the inside with the help of a chisel. This way you will be able to fill and patch the crack properly and then it won’t grow any deeper.

These are a few tips that can be used if you ever feel the need to repair the masonry cracks. Again at the end, we would suggest that you should never ignore these cracks even if its a hairline crack, fix it at the moment or call professionals to repair it because a little care, in the beginning, can save you from a lot of damage in the future.