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As a home decor expert I mostly share my ideas on various home decorating websites but few times website owners don’t accept your ideas because of their blog publishing policy. So before starting writing about home improvement and home decor related topics you should follow these tips so you can get a chance to feature your work on popular website.
Research a trending topic
Before starting you should research about trending topics and you can take help of Google Trends planner. Apart from this tool you can simply search keyword ideas through Google search box. Just start typing and Google will automatically start showing relevant searches. So you can take reference from there too. One more technique to search trending topic is just type “Home decor” in Google search then go to search tool below search bar then click on it, after that click on Any time there is a drop down so set time duration according to your keyword trend, I will suggest you to choose past week so you can get more relevant and trending topics in it.
Write a catchy title
This is the important thing that, after reading title user will click on it so choose title wisely. Always try to add keyword into title because Google first of all catch the titles so your article title should be relevant to your topic and should be short and descriptive.
Don’t be too specific about topic
If you are writing about latest home improvement ideas so write also about previous trends, also include relevant ideas in your article. If you are writing about outdoor ideas then you can add many things related to outdoor like outdoor decorating ideas, outdoor safety tips, how to make outdoor kids friendly and many other relevant topics to make article search friendly. If you will add more topics and more information about particular topic so user will take interest and many be he/she gets all information that he is looking for.
Go lengthy 
Write a lengthy article up to 700 to 1000 words, your article should be descriptive and include related topics and give proper spaces after completing paragraphs. As per research long articles mostly shows up in the Google searches, according to previous Google updates Google shows informative content to users with full of relevant information. If you write a long article by adding interesting facts and images related to article so user will engage with your content and it will also enhance user time on your website.
Don’t repeat keywords again and again
Keyword stuffing is an important aspect in article writing so when you writing about home improvement then don’t repeat home improvement keyword more than 3 times. If you will add one keyword again and again so it will decrease SEO friendliness of article and user will also irritate.
 Include Relevant Images 
Images are important after title so don’t forget to add relevant images. If you are adding images then don’t forget to add alt tags and titles on images. They will help to increase organic traffic of your website. Google images are also a great source for organic traffic. If you take images from other sources so don’t forget to mention website sources.
Add internal website Links
If you want to increase user timing and also want to decrease bounce rate of website so add relevant internal links in article. Don’t add other website links too much, try to add own website links it will also help you to increase your website Domain authority.
Write an attractive author bio
Write a short and descriptive author bio and write about yourself and your expertise. You can also add links of your social networking profiles.
Request Readers to leave their feedback
Last but not least after ending your article request your readers to leave their thoughts and it will encourage you and you will come to know that what your readers think about your work.
I hope this article will help you to be a successful guest blogger. If you think that my ideas helped you so don’t forget to leave your feedback. If you think I can add more tips in this article then you can send me your ideas through contact form.
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