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The living room is the focal point of every home. Most often it’s a place used for multiple purposes, from relaxing in front of the TV to organizing dinner parties or similar events. It can also be used as a study room from time to time, or even as an extra sleeping space for guests. Have kids? You need to pay attention to safety, too. So, how to design and decorate such space? It should definitely be airy, bright and welcoming, while, at the same time, it should provide peace, comfort and the feeling of safety. You can start by choosing the décor that consist of things you like and find inspiring. This is the room that should reflect your personality and help you find inner peace. Setting up an inviting and peaceful atmosphere might seem a bit difficult. However, don’t fret too much about it, as we have prepared some simple tricks you can use in order to have a well-organized and nicely decorated living room.

Light and Colour
I believe that having a lot of natural light in the living room is of utmost importance. If you have a garden, a huge window would be a good choice. In addition to that, you can play with blinds or curtains of darker colours and different sources of lighting. Floor and table lamps, apart from making the atmosphere warm in the evening, are also essential pieces of decoration. Just make sure they match other pieces of furniture when it comes to style and colour.

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Changing the whole appearance of the living room is easily achieved by using beautiful pastel colours. Choose blue, purple or yellow, or even darker hues such as mustard or burgundy. These colours are inviting and warm and won’t disturb the atmosphere in any way. Wish to add a more luxurious accent? A mix of green and gold or a blue ceiling with a big crystal chandelier are two stylish combinations that will make your room look real classy.

Good Choice of Furniture

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The living room furniture that looks cozy, warm and chichi immediately attracts everybody’s attention. I really like the idea of having a room that is visually comfortable as well. The pieces of furniture should be carefully chosen in order to fit the size of the room. There should be enough space to walk around without knocking things over. Opt for white furniture and a room of neutral colour if you want to lead the eyes to the colorful unique art pieces or the well-arranged outdoor space. Looking at artwork makes people feel inspired and more creative. So, if you have an arty persona, having a minimalistic approach to living room décor is one of the best choices.

Playing with the Décor

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Details and accessories are the focal point of your living room. Shapes and sizes are just as important as colours. Balancing rectangular with round shapes adds extra comfort and makes the space more interesting. You can, for instance, have a large rectangular sofa of neutral colour and decorate it with floral round throw pillows. Oval coffee tables, plants, vases and paintings are some of the accessories you can add. Be careful not to clutter the space too much. If you want to redecorate this room more often, you may want to consider not investing too much in the accessories. Invest in a sofa and armchairs of better quality, as they will last longer, but be playful and add new lamps, frames and plants from time to time. Decorative cheap rugs come in many shapes, sizes and colours and can coexist with any type of sofa you have as long as you match the colours well.

You can organize a family event and let your kids choose new details for your living room. If the whole family participates in decoration, this room will certainly feel like home.