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Innovation is taking an old idea, flipping it over and looking at it from another angle. When innovation works, it can change the world, and most times it can lead to even more innovation. The invention of the storage container was great, and it changed the logistics game forever. The function of a storage container has not changed much over the years, but it does not exclude it from being used in innovative ways.  

Storage containers and shipping containers in America are going through just such a period of innovation and evolution of usage. While storage containers are primarily seen as big boxes to put cargo in and send across the world, there are many other uses for them. Some of them might surprise you. Here are the top 10 innovative uses of storage containers.

1. House

This use is rapidly becoming more and more popular. It combines the versatility of containers and the creativity of architecture. The containers can be cut, combined, set at right angles or even have one side slightly raised. Most importantly, they fit together perfectly. Who knew Lego could be as interesting for an adult? Some of the most beautiful houses are storage container homes.

2. Shop

The storage container shop is quite popular in countries like South Africa. The local name for it is the Spaza Shop. These are very simple and easy to make. All you need is a storage container big enough for your needs. Then you need to open a “window” on the side that can open and close. Next, you need merchandise and decorations for your store. You are now ready to do business. The good thing about these is their versatility. Make sure to insulate your “Spaza Shop” well, as it can get hot and freezing if the temperature is not regulated.  

3. Mini Squash Court

If you are a squash fan but find you do not have a place to practice or may want a place to hit balls against the “wall,” the mini squash court made from storage containers may be your best bet. This is very simple to achieve. You have to decide on the dimensions you need. Then make sure you have enough “running around” space. After that put paint on whatever you need to be painted, and you are done. You now have a place to practice whatever game you like.

4. Study/Studio

Everyone needs their own time and place to be alone or to study and work. If you have a container, you can convert it into a study or a studio depending on your needs. If you don’t need either, you can even turn it into your den. The versatility of storage containers is what has people asking where storage containers are for rent. The great thing about it is that it is your own space. You can decorate it in whatever way you please.

5. Classroom

There are situations and countries, where it is impossible to build a school out of bricks. This may be a money situation or even a terrain problem. Either way, when this happens, storage containers become a possible solution to the problem. Because storage containers can be configured into whatever space they need to be, they allow for even the poorest of communities to have a meeting place or a classroom. The only thing you have to cater for is added temperature control.

6. Hospital

Some countries need small, versatile and mobile hospitals and clinics. This could be in rural areas that do not have a resident doctor, or areas which are ravaged by disease. In these situations, there is rarely any time to build a hospital, so the doctor does what they can. Storage containers can be converted into hospitals or clinics. Thus containers are useful, as they give doctors a place to work, and yet can be mobile so the doctors can move from place to place looking after their patients.

7. Bar

Trendy is always in, and if you want to own a bar, you need to have a good look. Containers are turned into bars. If you have a storage container with wheels, you can make your Pop-up bar into a mobile bar. I’m sure that by now you’re probably looking for containers for sale near you. If you’re in the Edmonton area, Alta Storage Edmonton will help you find the ideal container for your needs.

8. Sauna

What can be better than stepping into a temperature-controlled area and be able to relax as the steam enters your every pour? Heaven, right? You can convert your container into a sauna, perfect for those days when you need some R and R.

9. Pool

Have you always wanted to have a swimming pool, but couldn’t get one? Or maybe you could get one, but you couldn’t decide on some issue or another? You can convert your storage container into a swimming pool. Choose the container that is the best size for you. Research how best to line your pool with as fibreglass and vinyl are the best. However, take a look at some other popular options for pool lining.

10. Growing Spaces

One of the best uses for storage containers is a place to grow plants, like a greenhouse. You can add and remove whatever equipment you like. The ease with which storage containers can be modified makes them ideal for this type of venture. If you need heat lamps or ventilation, you can easily add these. On the other hand, you can restrict the amount of light that enters the storage container and make it ideal for climate control.

Did this whet your appetite? Are you thinking of ways to find storage containers for sale or to rent, and are rearing to get creative and show off the many different uses you can come up with? Keep in mind that containers can be on the pricey side. Therefore, it is best to look out for suppliers that suit you. There are many possible uses for storage containers. It is only for you to go out there and find your favorite innovation.