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If you’re currently living in a small apartment and thinking about scaling up, consider not to. More and more people are living tiny! Many are appreciating a leaner, smaller, more personal and personalized home. Not only does a small house costs less (from construction to maintenance), it’s also more livable and easy to manage.

The biggest challenge in living tiny, however, is getting enough storage. How do you keep all your stuff without your small home looking so cluttered?

Clutter is a constant in small spaces. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. With the following cleverest storage ideas for small houses, your tiny house will not only look clean and organized, but absolutely beautiful.

Less is MORE.

If you want a smart way to store your items at home, you should start by eliminating stuff that you don’t need on a daily basis. Living tiny means embracing the notion that LESS is MORE. Start by making an ‘inventory’ of all your stuff, from your clothing to kitchenware, books, and even your personal items. If there are things that you haven’t used for the past three months, chances are, you don’t need them. You can let go of these items. Having more storage solutions is not the answer to your tiny house problems. The success of tiny living is changing your lifestyle. Have only what is necessary for your family. You won’t be needing 10 pairs of towels in a week, do you?

Consider Open Storage.

Traditional cabinets are usually bulky. If you need more storage, consider installing narrow or short shelves on the wall. They don’t eat floor space and can really look appealing. Whether you’re installing these shelves in the kitchen or in the living room, you surely will save a lot of space. Use them to store items that are often used, such as plates and cups in the kitchen, or books in the living room.

Opt for Double-Duty Furniture.

Look for furniture that can serve several purposes, such as kitchen counters that shrink and grow to give you additional table/workspace, toe kicks, drawers under the bed for storing mattresses and blankets, a sofa bed with hidden storage underneath for toys and gadgets, and a trap door. Concealed storage bins and working tables are a great idea too. You can simply ‘get rid’ of them when not in use, giving you much space to move around your house. Apart from being functional, they are really stylish. You may need to call a professional builder to do these things for you as these items need to be customized.

Think Inches, Not Feet.

If you’re too focused on your floor area, you might miss the endless storage opportunities right on your walls. Yes, your walls. They are a great storage area and you don’t need expensive cabinets or expensive bins to store your items. Your jewelry collections, for example, can be beautifully arranged on a customized, DIY wall hang inside your bedroom, instead of keeping them in boxes or inside drawers. Install it near your dressing area for easy access. Do the same for similar items. Built-in shelves on walls are also great for small bathrooms. You can stack towels clothing, and toiletry essentials without the need to add an extra cabinet or bins. Furthermore, a mid-height shelf by the window in your kitchen to store short bowls and a hanging rack for essential pots and pans are really a cool space-saving idea.

Think ‘outside’ the box.

Who says you can’t take your stuff outside to store them? What is your outdoor space doing? Garden storage sheds are a great option to keep items that you don’t use often but are essential to your home, such as handyman toolkits, gardening tools for your garden cleanup or weed removal and other supplies, cribs and strollers (in case you plan to use them on your next child), etc. Small outdoor storage shed projects are small and easy to complete, and they make a wonderful addition to your home. You can either do it yourself or buy a ready-to-install one. If apart from storing tools, you plan to use the space as a place for potting, have it built near your garden. Your options are limitless when it comes to materials to be used in your shed. And don’t think about spending more. Some of the most unique sheds are built from salvaged building materials such as cast-off barn boards, discarded doors and old windows. Be creative. It’s the best way!

You can live in a small house without feeling suffocated and stressed about having a very limited space and not enough storage. With these five clever ideas, living in a tiny house is absolutely possible and incredibly wonderful. When you get used to a tiny lifestyle, you will get bigger opportunities to make your life better.