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With summer fast approaching, its time to get your imagination hats on and renovate your garden with most hip and happening garden trends of 2017. Thankfully, experts at Oeco came up with some bright and trendy ideas for your gardens. So, let’s dig and sow, and make your garden a breathing work of art. 

Take Inspiration from Nature

Our day to day lives use so many gadgets and technology that our interiors appear so high-tech. That’s the reason a more old-fashioned, closer to nature look in our garden should be a priority. Designers are picking smaller wooden furniture, old tires and swings with a pinch of more ‘do it yourself’ approach for decorating gardens to bring a more subtle, natural look. 

Use Colours with Innovation

Both bright and elusively coloured plants and flowers can be used if you know how to best accentuate each one’s beauty. Make it a rule of thumb to add framing wherever you can, and simply position plants with contrasting backgrounds to highlight their natural hues and colours. Doing this with individual plants brings the best impact,however, you can also do it with a row, lined with your garden wall. You can even carry this theme to your interiors for a more holistic and refreshing look throughout the house. 

Make a Grandeur Impact

Thanks to biotechnology, you can plant magnificent pomegranate and berries in pots to deliver a flavourful lasting impact. You can mix and match them with local ingrown plants to further highlight these small wonders. What’s astonishing about these breeds is they demand very less maintenance.  

Go Green and Grow Organic

You should rely mostly on local breeds and add only touches of exquisite plants. Opting with local plants will be a more affordable option and it will require less maintenance as well. You should also grow edible plants; start with perennial ones like tomatoes, potatoes, basil etc, and later move to seasonal. Add a wooden table, preferably a tree log, and enjoy your home-grown food with kids and family.  

Make it Lively 24/7

Your garden should also look alive during the night. The hippest trend from Oeco is to go with light strings for pathways and use miniature light poles, scarcely, to highlight certain portions/ plants of your garden. Remember, less is more, and it’s better to go with highlights and shadows or a café themed yellow lighting instead of white moonlight.