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Power tools are vital for any woodshop, but with so many on the market at varying prices, how do you decide which tools are essential and which ones you can live without?

Thankfully, you don’t need to splash out on every tool possible in order to utilise your woodshop and we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top 5 power tools you need to get started with your woodwork.

Circular saw

Circular saws are versatile tools which can help you achieve a lot in your woodshop if you know how to use them correctly. They can be used for cutting various types of wood, as well as non-wood materials such as plastic and masonry.

Power drill

Every woodshop should have a power drill. Power drills come in corded or cordless varieties. Both are good power tools to have and personal preference often determines which to purchase. Power drills are functional tools which come in handy in and out of the home, allowing you to quickly and efficiently drill holes into surfaces and connect pieces of materialogether with screws.


As long as you’ve got the correct blade, a jigsaw can cut shapes into almost any material. Jigsaws are easy and safe to use and are tools even the most novice of individuals can master. When using a jigsaw, you can make effortless straight and curved cuts which make it a practical piece of equipment to keep in your woodshop.

Random orbit sander

Random orbit sanders are great sanders which use random motion to ensure sanding marks are not engraved onto the product you’re sanding, therefore ensuring a neat, smooth and near-perfect finish.

Table saw

Table saws are expensive tools to purchase, however they are worth the initial outlay as table saws are multi-functional tools which allow you to achieve many great things within your woodshop. Table saws are safe to use but are heavy tools which, once placed in your woodshop, typically aren’t moved again.

Of course, there are multiple other tools you can fill your woodshop with, but these five tools are the most versatile ones which get the job done. For start, it’s good to have these five tools. As time goes by and you become more and more experienced with tools, you can buy anything you want.