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Looking to refresh the look and feel of your garden? Check out five of the best theme ideas to try this summer!

Contemporary clean lines

Take inspiration from urban gardens; multi-purpose furniture and clean lines, to maximise space whilst providing a stylish ambience.  

Look for foliage that delivers a punch without taking up too much space. Potted plants are perfect, as are climbers and small planting boxes. Integrate boxy, sophisticated furniture between and around the greenery, and include soft solar lighting to maximise the relaxed, summer evening vibes.

Consider decking as the primary surface, with small, perfectly maintained patches of grass for a lighter version of the classic garden.

A taste of the Mediterranean

Think of the beautiful countries that border the Mediterranean, and be inspired by the gardens of Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Greece. We love a terra cotta theme, and there’s plenty of space for creative expression within the broader mood you’ll be looking to capture.

If your climate can nurture palm trees, include them within your design. Keep grass to a minimum; instead, opt for tiled or decked surfaces, with plenty of rambling ground plants. Seek colour and function; as well as beautiful flowers, consider olive trees – again, if your locale’s weather permits! A water feature would not go amiss, and top the look off with a couple of lounger chairs and an al fresco dining set.

Going wild

Wild flowers are sometimes overlooked as almost a nuisance, but that certainly isn’t the case. As well as providing a wide array of colours and textures, wild flowers help to support their surrounding environment, particularly bees.

Wild flowers are not expensive; seeds can be picked up for a very reasonable price, and many garden centres now have wild flowers ready for potting. Wild flowers coexist beautifully with grass, so feel free to enjoy an expansive lawn!

The call of the ocean

Bring the ocean home by including nautical themes in your garden. Weathered decking, ropes, pebbles, sea oats, palm trees, and pieces of driftwood provide the unmistakable ambience of the beach. Include some special details, such as seaside signage, deckchairs, and a decorative ring buoy.

If you’re in the market for the real thing, check out the Ocean Front HHI, to help you find a gorgeous property adjacent to the glittering Atlantic in sunny South Carolina!

A moment of Zen

Looking for an unparalleled sense of peace in your garden? We hear you! Create a space that’s perfect for quiet reflection, relaxed dining, and gentle morning yoga. Keep foliage simple and largely green – but don’t be put off if you do wish for a pop of colour!

Use pebbles and wooden decking for a simple, laid-back environment. A softly-bubbling water feature is highly recommended, and a small pond wouldn’t be amiss, either. If it makes you feel at peace, it’s very welcome in this style of garden.

Which garden style will you try? Let us know in the comments section below!