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We all like very clean carpets. A lot of comfort is derived from sinking one’s feet into grit-free, and stain-free carpets. This explains why many of us are obsessed with ensuring that our carpets are the cleanest and freshest they can possibly be. Nobody enjoys agonizing over spills, stains and sticky dirt on their carpets. It’s just one of those inevitabilities we’ll have to deal with.

But there is good news. Overtime, I have gleaned tips from the professionals. Keeping clean, sparkling carpets are incredibly easy. Easier than you ever imagined. I will share these ideas with you and perhaps, they will make your life easier. Below are the top five time-tested carpet cleaning tips as shared by professionals.

1. Best Practices For Using Club Soda

It is no secret that club soda effectively removes alcohol stains. The trick is to use it in the right manner.

The first step is to splotch the stained area with a soda-drenched towel. Alternatively, you can go further to mix a quarter glass of vinegar with one part of water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spritz drizzles of it in on the stained region. All the spritz solution to soak into the stained area for about a quarter of an hour. Massage the stained area with a clean sponge; the idea is to soak up the solution and the stain. Do this as often as possible until the stain disappears.

When the stain disappears, clean the area with warm water. With your palm, brush the carpet strands into their natural direction. The last step is to place serviettes or squares of toilet roll on the region. Don’t forget to place a heavy object on the pile; you’ll need the paper towels to stay in place. The idea is to get the toilet rolls to soak up the wetness from the carpet, so it makes sense to leave the towels on until the carpet is dry. Cordon off the area so that other members of the family will keep away from the area for as long as the carpet is wet.

2. Tackling Grease Stains: Dishwashing Detergents Work Wonders

It is almost impossible to protect your carpet from grease stains. This is because grease can come from anywhere—feet, food, pets, or even hair. Grease is an inextricable part of our lives. Rather than agonize over this realization, it is best to figure out the most effective methods of getting rid of difficult-to-clean grease stains. Here’s how:

First, mix two drops of the best dishwashing detergent in a cup of water. Pour this solution onto the carpet and allow it to sit. You’ll observe that it will blot out the grease stain in your carpet, just as it would dissolve the oil stains on your dishes.

Alternatively, you can pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz the stained spot. Use a cotton towel to blot the spritzed area. If the stain is larger, you may have to repeat the spritzing and towelling process.

3. Getting Rid Of Wax Is Easier With Heat

For one reason or the other, candles might have to be burnt in the house. Students in third world countries use candles to read; families in different parts of the world light candles for religious reasons; others do so for health and wellness reasons. Burning candles are a part of many homes. So how do they deal with the wax that inevitably drips onto the prized carpets?

The professionals use heat to get rid of theembedded wax. Before you start lighting up your precious carpet, wait. There is a safer way to do this. The first step is to heat up your pressing iron. Turn off the source of the heat and place it on a white cloth (beware or coloured paper towels or cloths), probably to considerably reduce the heat. They place the warm iron on top of the wax. Leave it on for a minute before you proceed to scrape off the wax with a penknife. The next step is to place a serviette on the wax-stained region and iron on the paper for thirty seconds (stick to the time or risk burning your carpet). The idea is to force the melting wax to stick to the paper towel. Repeat as often as you can and the wax will fade away.

4. Use the Best Carpet Cleaners For Maximum Results

If you own a carpet you care very much about, you’ll have to buy a reliable carpet cleaner. There are no two ways about it. Vacuuming often will do a good job of getting rid of surface dirt and debris from your carpet, but you’ll need a good carpet cleaner to remove invisible grime and stains. You can keep your carpet fresh and new. There is no better way to keep your home and office cleaner and healthier, especially if you have children and pets. When you have children and pets around, you’ll most likely be cleaning a lot more stains and smells from your carpet. Surveys have shown that it is more cost effective to acquire a carpet cleaner than it is to hire from a professional. What’s more, you’ll have the luxury of tackling stains and smells with the urgency required. The sooner you start trying to get rid of dirt, the better.

But how can I know the best carpet cleaning machine for me? Study a guide to carpet cleaning machines and you’ll find all the up-to-date information you need. You are likely to find useful tips that will help you make the bestchoice.

Alternatively, you can also deep clean with steam and a cleaning solution. When the solution is injected under pressure through water-jet nozzles, the carpet-cleaning machine sucks out the solution and the dirt and debris embedded in the carpet. The idea is to allow the water solution seep into the fiber, as well as weaken any embedded dirt, and stain before the machine sucks out everything. For maximum results, do this twice each year.

5. How To Clean Up Pet Catastrophes

Every pet owner has experienced pet accidents at one time or the other. In fact, expertsadviseownersto expect pet accidents from time to time. Like children, even the best-trained animals can fall sick. It isn’t uncommon to have them vomit or poop on the carpets or floors. Tacking pet accidents is more effective with organic cleaners. Here’s how it works:

Sweep up the solid parts of the excreta and then spritz the stain with the organic cleaning solution. Scrub with a brush as you spritz. The next step will be to clean up with a damp towel.