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Giving a makeover to our own house can be so much
fun! If you have got bored with same type of surroundings, it is time to
redecorate your house. If you think you have some great ideas, but not have
adequate skills to narrow them down – we have got you some interior designing
and decoration secrets, that would help you to take care of both the small
detailing and necessary big changes in your house. Let’s draw some home design
inspiration through these points:

  1. Here’s
    a tip for bedroom decor- If you want to make your bedroom appear bigger,
    install a high bed and a tall headboard. Don’t go for small-scale
    furniture because they will make your bedroom look smaller. Incorporate
    big accessories, and your bedroom will automatically grow.
  2. Give
    wallpapers a try- In India, we usually don’t bring wallpapers much into
    use. We are more inclined towards the paint on the walls. Well, we can at
    least use wallpapers in unexpected ways: closets, on the ceiling of a
    paneled room, hallways, etc.
  3. Pile
    on the pillows on sofa- To make your sofa looks more attractive, always
    use two pairs of pillows on it, instead of one. Make sure to use them in
    contrasting patterns, colours, and textures.
  4. How
    to set a small painting above your sofa – If you want to put a small
    painting in your living room, above your sofa, make sure you do not center
    it. Offset it a few inches to the left. The negative space will become the
    part of the image.
  5. A
    bathroom lighting tip-  Sconce
    lighting makes some gorgeous bathrooms. If you install it in your
    bathroom, make sure not to use it over a mirror as it will cast
    unflattering shadows across the face. Ideally, it should go in center line
    of the sink and the mirror. Place it to the left and right of the mirror
    to get more realistic and flattering light.
  6. Real
    greenery can give life to a room- Bring in some flowers and in house
    plants. They are inexpensive ways to decorate the surrounding space, and
    naturally improve the indoor quality of air.
  7. Appreciate
    the fact that less is more- It is important not to go overboard with the
    decoration of the house. Sometimes, it is better to keep the decoration
    minimal especially when the functional needs of the space are simple. 

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