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Home Air Conditioners have become more of a necessity than a luxury these days. With the increasing levels of heat and pollution, more and more people now choose to air condition their homes. Over the last few years, there has been a deluge of companies that make and sell air conditioners making their way to India. With the increased availability, came the increased competition and also increased confusion in the minds of the consumers. Through this article, we will suggest the top 5 ACs available in the market if you have a modest budget of Rs.40,000.

  • Voltas 183 PYA– Coming from the trusted house of Tata, this 1.5 ton, 3 stars rated AC comes with a host of features. Along with corrosion resistant blue hydrophilic aluminum fins, this AC also has a low noise as well as a stunningly designed indoor unit that adds value to your interiors. This AC also has anti-bacterial filters and is priced at Rs. 35691.

  • Blue Star CNHW12CAF– Coming for the house of Blue Star, which has established itself as the refrigeration and cooling leader, this inverter AC comes with a host of features. First, being an inverter AC, this 1-ton capacity machine is incredibly power efficient. Apart from that this AC comes with a bacteria filter, hot and cold feature, auto restart, dehumidifier function as well as low noise levels of 37db. The product is priced at an affordable 38,700 and is a great buy for the features. This model has also been listed at Review Station as one of the best air conditioners under 40000.

  • Daikin FTC50PRV16: Among the new entrants in the ever-expanding air conditioner market, Daikin has quickly made its name owing to its excellent quality and feature-rich products. This 1.5 ton AC comes with a 3-star energy efficiency and a host of features such as dehumidifier function, auto restart, turbo mode and night glow functions that are innovative and convenient. Priced at a competitive Rs. 37363, this AC is real value for money.

  • IFB IACS18KD5TP: Another domestic appliances giant that has recently entered the ac market is IFB, which is well revered for its excellent quality and innovation. This 1.5 tonne, 5 stars rated split AC comes with a variety of exciting features such as anti-bacterial feature, Catechin filter, dehumidifier, auto restart as well as five operating modes. It also has an active carbon filter and auto restart function. Priced at Rs. 39,900, this AC is good value for money and is an extremely premium product.

  • Hitachi RAU518HWDS: Hitachi is a name that is synonymous with great product quality and path-breaking technology. This 1.5 tonnes 5 star efficient AC is endowed with multiple premium features such as 4-way swing feature, auto restart, a copper condenser coil and has best in class cooling. It also has auto restart and auto climate control features. Priced at a value price of Rs.35999, this is a great buy for the quality conscious consumer.

As is evident from the above discussion, a little knowledge and shopping around can get you a great deal, as well as a product that will be entirely suitable for your needs. Do educate yourself, do a little bit of market research and match your requirements against product specifications before deciding on spending money on high-value consumer durables, especially air conditioners.