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If you are planning to update your Aurora windows, this year, then you’ve come to the right place for window treatment ideas. Windows play a big role in beautifying your home interior décor and it’s only right that you keep their look fresh and up to date. Most trends involve the use of blinds or shades. Below, I present the top trends of 2018 that you can rely on to keep your interior looking stylish. 

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones as window treatments are in vogue now. These come in different tones like deep reds and turquoise, are luxurious and feel sophisticated. These tones can be mixed with metallic tones like platinum, silver, bronze or gold to create a sophisticated look. You can also layer these metallic tones with sheer fabrics for another take of sophistication.

Colorful Windows

Basic colors are out, in comes cheerful and bright colors. Forget gray and white, embrace yellow, orange and other upbeat shades. The bold colors will draw attention to your windows, making them the focus of the room. However, if you are scared of colors, you can introduce them in small bits like in the trim or tie backs, or tone them down with sheer fabrics. The trim can also be customized and embellished with all kinds of jewelry or shells, buttons or any material to give them an authentic colorful look.


There is a shade for every window this year. These shades are usually cordless and operated by a motorized mechanism. Light filtering shades diffuse natural light, room darkening shades filter and allow some little amount of light to enter the room while blackout window shades will block out all light, providing complete darkness.

Not only are they affordable, roller shades will give your Aurora windows a classic look, block out harmful UV rays, provide privacy, reduce glare and protect your furnishings. These shades have made a comeback because they are more functional than fussy. These roller shades are available in four different light controlling fabrics – sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout shades.

 Window roman shades can be layered with other draperies and come in both light filtering and room darkening types.


Natural blinds are popular as people prefer a touch on nature in their houses. These blinds are durable, lightweight and easy to maintain and made of biodegradable material, making them eco- friendly. These include bamboo, matchstick blinds and natural woven blinds.

Those who cannot get the real natural blinds can settle for faux wood blinds that give the actual appearance of wood blinds but are more water resistant and thus suitable for humid areas.

Natural Light

Letting in a lot of natural light through your windows Oakville makes a great difference to your home. Choose window dressings like sheers, which come in a variety of colors, to do just that. You can also opt to layer contrasting shades to create a custom look.

High Curtain Rods and Panels

To make the room appear larger, curtain rods and panels should be hung as close to the ceiling as possible. Your Aurora windows will then look more elongated and wider.

In addition, incorporating stainless steel into the décor, especially with curtain rods, and track mounting have become some of the hottest trends in windows Oakville dressing.