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Impact windows are a top choice for homes in coastal areas.
If your home is situated in such an area, then it might be a good idea to
consider replacing your old windows with hurricane impact windows. After all,
you never know when the next big hurricane will hit, so you best be prepared
ahead of time to prevent possible damage to your property, or putting the lives
of your family at risk.

What is an Impact

Also called a storm-proof window, an impact window has a
special layer placed between two slabs of window glass to make it
impact-resistant. It is mostly used on homes where the possibility of shattered
glass falling due to hurricanes and other extreme weather situations is high.
The frame is also made of heavy duty materials, usually fully welded aluminum
frame and sash.
There are four key impact-resistant glass types:
Polyvinyl Butaryl (PVB) – This is the most
commonly used product in the market.
PVB with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – This
is a very strong material but is more difficult to process.
Sentry Glass – Used in commercial or more
specialized areas.
Resin Laminates – An affordable option that is
also easy to manufacture.

The Benefits of
Getting An Impact Window

to Hurricane Impact
– A standard impact window can withstand hurricane
winds of up to 200 miles per hour. Designed to be strong enough to prevent the
window glass from breaking into pieces or getting pierced, impact resistant
windows are rigorously tested to withstand up to Category 5 storms.


Since window glass is prevented from shattering into tiny fragments, you get to
keep yourself and your loved ones from harm.
Home Security
–The strength of an impact window also gives your home
additional  reinforcement for greater


· Energy
– The Energy Conservation Code requires manufacturers to create
impact resistant windows that have a U-Factor of 0.75 and below, with a rating
of 0.30 or less for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This means more heat can be
retained during winter, and more cool air
gets to stay inside during summer. Energy efficiency also gives you
savings on your heating and cooling bills.
· UV
– Effectively blocks up to 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet
rays, protecting you and your family from radiation, while keeping the the
colors of your sofa and curtain fabrics vibrant.
· Noise
– The damping effect of an impact resistant window can insulate
more effectively; preventing disruptive, external noise from entering your
home. This is ideal for homes along busy streets or in close proximity to train
lines or airports.
· Variety
of Tint, Style, and Size Options
– There is a wide selection of impact
resistant window products available for homeowners, so you can be assured there
is a window for every need.
If you are thinking of getting impact windows, consult with
a professional window contractor first. Make sure to do some research of your
own as well, checking out quality construction and warranties to guarantee your
money’s worth.