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Your bedroom needs to be much more than just a room where the bed is placed and you can fall asleep. After a day of monotonous work and unparalleled stress, your bedroom needs to be a safe haven where you feel utterly relaxed and calm. Your tired body needs some respite from the daily drudgery and your bedroom should provide exactly that. If your bedroom doesn’t make you feel that way, you’re in luck. Go through these fun ideas that will add to the tranquil ambience of your bedroom and make you keep coming back for more.

1) Rug Up

Think about this – You wake up and step out of your cozy bed and instead of hitting the cold floor, your feet are gently grazed by the soft fabric of a rug that looks as good as it feels. It’ll be like a tiny treat for your feet. Whether it is in the morning or before getting into bed, this rug will always be there to give comforting hugs to your feet. Simply find a rug that matches the entire décor of your bedroom and voila – you’ve added a snuggly buddy for your feet that enhances the appeal of your bedroom. Find the softest material like sheepskin and feel the rug love.

2) Plush Play

The element of relaxation in the bedroom is directly proportional to the degree of comfort that your bed provides you. Sleeping on that old and withered bedding will not give you the good night’s sleep that you long for. On the other hand, plush bedding will make you feel like you’re in an expensive and exceedingly comfortable hotel room where you can forget about your worries and slip into a calm, undisturbed slumber. It might be a little bit expensive but plush bedding is always worth it. Lower your costs by availing Pepperfry coupons present on CashKaro and order plush bedding to feel the magic yourself.

3) Magical Minimalism

Make your bedroom purely a room for sleep and unperturbed peace. A lot of furniture or wall embellishments could prove to be distracting. Do away with any extras present in your bedroom and see the difference. When the walls just bear one or two of your favourite pictures or paintings and there is only one piece of furniture (like a comfy couch) adorning the room then it will feel more inviting and serene. Bottom line is – Clear the clutter. There is a lot of clutter on the outside and you don’t need any in your place of rest. Embrace the minimalist inside you and dial down on the bedroom fixtures.

4) Light Away

The lighting in your bedroom, or any other room for that matter, is the key to the tone you are setting. In the bedroom you need lights that are not too bright that they make your eyes scream. Invest in a dimmer switch and change the lighting according to your mood. Brighten it up or dim it down as and when you want. Don’t forget to add a huge window to the bedroom to let natural light in. Don’t forget to add a Samsung Air Conditioner for those particularly hot nights where you just need something to keep you cool.

5) Notable Night Stand

Trust me when I say this – You need a night stand. If you’ve never had a night stand by your side then you do not know the unmatched ease of placing a water bottle or books or even your keys next to you before falling asleep. Place a table-top by your side and you will understand why you were missing its existence even when you thought you didn’t need one. When everything you need before you sleep or after you wake up is placed right next to you, you know what real comfort is.