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A renovated and updated home makes living feel fresh and new
again, but you don’t have to break the bank to get that renewed sense of
purpose back in your home. With a little creativity and a few key updates, you
can improve the functionality of your home and give it an updated and stylish
look that makes the home look more welcoming as a whole.


Ready to renovate on a budget? Check out these easy home
renovation and wardrobe solutions that will give your home the revamping it

Bring In More
Although large windows are nice to look out of, they cost a lot
to install, and they do require a lot of cleaning to keep them sparkling.
Instead of going through the trouble of cutting a hole in your wall, try adding
mirrors near your windows.
Mirrors reflect the incoming light, making the room appear
brighter and even larger. Hang a mirror without a bulky frame on the adjoining
wall next to the window. This will further reflect the light around the room.
You can also use glass and silver picture frames and decorations to send the
light bouncing off multiple surfaces.

Replace Handles
And Light Fixtures
A bathroom or kitchen doesn’t need all-new floors and cabinets
to feel updated. In some homes, it’s really the cabinet handles, faucets, door
knobs and even light fixtures that really need replacing. Changing out these
old fixtures can bring new life to a room and make it feel modern once more.
Fixtures are usually easy enough for any homeowner to install,
so you won’t have to hire a contractor to do this simple renovation. With the
money saved by avoiding cabinet and floor replacements, you can feel more
comfortable purchasing more expensive and long lasting fixtures.

Create More
Space With Shelving Systems


Your wardrobes and pantries hold plenty of items, but they
might be able to hold even more if you reorganise them to be more functional.
For example, you might be wasting unused ceiling space at the
top of your closet just because you can’t stack too many objects on top of each
other. With wire shelving systems, you can break up tall shelf spaces in two
and create twice as much space as before. This is a great solution for pantries
and cabinets where you’re storing heavy pots and pans.
Wardrobes and linen closets can take advantage of large, unused
spaces by dividing them with wire shelves. These creates instant shoe racks
down below and additional space up top for seasonal clothing or even holiday

Donate Furniture
And Fixtures
If you’re planning on getting new furniture and fixtures in
your home, you don’t necessarily have to throw anything out just yet. Even if
your old couch isn’t worth selling, you can still get rid of it as well as your
fixtures and do something great for your community.
Your local Salvos store accepts all types of donations, from
fixtures to furniture pieces. Fixtures that are outdated yet still in good
condition could be refinished and used in someone else’s home. Furniture can be
cleaned and reupholstered to look like new again.
Not only are you doing something nice for someone else, you’re
also saving space in your local waste disposal site. Most Salvos stores will
even come get your furniture and fixtures so you don’t have to worry about
hauling away the heavy furniture yourself.

Paint Your Home
Some homeowners just like change. Their homes aren’t in need of
any serious renovations, and everything’s in working order, but still they want
something different. If you want a cheap and easy renovation, try experimenting
with paint colours and patterns in your home.
A fresh coat of paint goes a long way and can easily transform
a room. It’s also much cheaper than replacing windows, light fixtures and
bathroom handles just because you want a little change. Choose two new colours
and repaint your room or paint just one wall a deep, vivid colour. This will
make the whole room stand out, and your furniture will seem to pop.
Complete home renovations aren’t always necessary, especially
if you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon. If you don’t have the
money to spend on an expensive contractor and pricey upgrades, don’t think that
you can’t revitalise your home at all. With a few simple changes, you can give
your beloved home a facelift and make it feel as new as the day you moved in.