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Whether you want to make your home smarter through a remote-control thermostat, lighting, or security cameras, there are some smart devices you must not ignore. Making your home smarter also means making it more secured and more convenient for everyone. The following smart home technologies will help you create that futuristic home of your dreams;

The Remotely Controlled Hue Bulbs

Hue bulbs allow you to change the intensities and color of the lights in your home. You can control these hue light bulbs on voice or smartphone commands either to brighten or dim the intensity or switch from one color to another based on the mood. You can connect the technology to assign colors to alarms, and you may even set it at a bright pink color for the early morning wake-up motivation. You can check it out for more information, right here.

Smart Thermostat

Perhaps the best way to save money on energy consumed for cooling and heating is to use a smart thermostat technology that can be controlled by voice or through smartphone apps. There are lots of smart thermostat vendors you can consider right now. Smart thermostats are designed to integrate seamlessly with other apps such as smart systems. A smart thermostat technology will allow you to turn off the cooling system when you don’t need, through a basic voice command. If you forgot to turn the heating system off before leaving your home, you can do so right from your smartphone app.

The Smart Video and Audio Surveillance Camera

Make your home more secure, even when you are not around with a smart video surveillance camera. This surveillance smart device record videos and audios of passerby and intruders in your home. The images produced by this device is exceptional and it produces vivid image qualities of people in darkness.

Though it is on a pricier side, this device can record videos and audios of people continuously and provide a backup of 7 days recording. This is one smart security technology you must invest in, for a brighter and more secure future.

You need smart video surveillance to monitor everything happening around your home, especially when you are off to work or travel out of the city. some smart surveillance cameras do come with sensors that automatically turn on the security light when motion is detected at the exterior of your home.

Smart Locks

Gone are the days when you have to lock and unlock your home manually always. What happens when you forget your key inside your home or forget to lock it while dashing to work? Smart Locks has simplified the way we make our door lock secured. It works with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology and you can remotely lock or unlock the door. With your smart lock, you can provide your family member with permanent entry codes and they provide visitors with temporary codes that can expire in a few hours.

With this technology, nobody can gain unauthorized entry into your home without your permission. Some smart locks come with alarms that can be sent to your smartphone if someone is trying to force the door open.  This is the time to do away with traditional locks and keys, invest in smart locks for your home and office for more secure and convenient access.

Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers perhaps are some of the oldest and earliest smart home technologies designed for daily usage. Very attractive in nature and can also change their skin color to match your home décor. The smart speakers wouldn’t just play your favorite songs through voice commands, they can also be used in controlling other home gadgets when connected to a Smart Home hub.

You can use the smart speaker to listen to audiobooks, check the weather and even purchase some items online with your voice commands. As a speaker, it creates a nice sound system for the entire household. Smart speakers are ideal sound systems for the entire household, anyone can use the voice command to play a song, and control the volume from anywhere in the home.

The Smart Plug

Make your home more secured electrically with the use of smart plugs. With a smart plug, you can control the power going into any appliance in your home. You can also stop some plugs from receiving electrical current when not in use.

The smart plug is a rectangular device containing three-prong socket at both ends, therefore you can control two devices separately from different outlets. It works with an app that can be installed on your smartphone, and use in scheduling time to turn the plug on or off.

The app also comes with an “Away mode” which turns your device off or on, remotely. If you want to deter home invaders from your home, you can use the “Away mode” to play music in your home even when you are on vacation outside of the city or country. You may have to buy several smart plugs if you use lots of electrical appliances in your home or office.

Smart Smoke Detector/ Switches

Smart detectors are the best smart technologies that can help you protect your home from fire accidents and destruction. This device will detect carbon monoxide and any other usual gas within the home, the sensors are designed to detect slow burning fires even from meters away from your home and then transmit a signal to your smartphone or release a strong sound alarm that everyone can pick. The smoke detector can be wirelessly connected to turn off the entire electrical system in the home when smoke is detected.

It is important to note that smart devices like smoke detectors can reduce your home insurance premiums and the will increase the current value of your home, in the long run.

The Smart Robot Vacuum

You don’t have to operate your home vacuum cleaner manually always when the Robot vacuum is there to do the job for you. This smart vacuum cleaner can vacuum just any surface and works perfectly with smart home systems, which means you can control it over the Wi-Fi Internet. It works with a downloadable app that allows you to control its direction, as well as manual steering.

The device comes with a long-lasting battery life that is rechargeable. Very portable and stylish in design, this device can manoeuvre through difficult spaces to provide a thorough vacuuming in your home. It can vacuum furniture surfaces and eliminate those pet hair and other tiny micro-particles.

The Smart Bake Pro device

This is the perfect smart device for the kitchen because it generates recipes automatically. All you have to do is input the ingredients you have on the screen of the device. Based on the ingredients and the number of people eating, you can “auto-scale” the smart device to help you calculate the size of each ingredient you need. You can also generate a shopping list based on any recipe you have created. The device also comes with a bowl you can use to measure your ingredient on the scale. This is a smart bowl that will tell you when to stop pouring an ingredient.

The Digital Electric Smoker

If you grill regular, you should know that sometimes it is a process that is inconvenient in many ways especially when you have to check that the meat is not burning. This smart device handles the hot temperature for grilling and adding coal or lighter fluid. The device will alert you when your grill has been preheated, it will also notify you about the current internal temperature of the meat.

This device will also send an alert when your meat or fish is fully cooked. It comes with 725 sq. inch cooking space that has chrome racks for grilling for family or larger occasions. The digital electric smoker will trigger a loud alarm, just in case you don’t respond to the alerts sent previously to your phone. It is generally a safe device to use for your grilling and related cooking.


There are a number of several other smart devices that are worth mentioning, and they are also useful in creating a future smart home you deserve. These smart devices include; The smart light switch that allows you to flip lights on remotely, the smart precise cookware that cooks your food to the right temperature, the smart garage door opener, and the best video doorbell, just to mention a few.

It is important to check the compatibility of these smart devices with your existing home appliances. For instance, not all light bulbs will create a hue of different intensities. You need to ensure that your smart device is connected to the right app and the right appliances are connected to the smart devices for proper functioning. You may want to solicit the help of a smart home installation expert to handle the inspection and installation of these smart devices in your home or office.