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There is hardly anything more relaxing than resting by your very
own pool. Still, in order for this to work, it is seldom enough to only arrange
your pool properly. Your entire pool area needs to be up to the task. In
addition, decorating the surroundings of your pool is a great way to
significantly improve the general looks of your backyard. There are many
factors to consider here so it is vital to arrange everything to your own
liking. Here are some of the ideas. 

Size and Shape

First thing you need to consider here are the size and the
shape of the pool itself. This will naturally depend on the space you have
available in your backyard. Many people find the kidney shaped pool to be the
best option for some of the smaller backyards. The reason for this is that it
takes a bit less space as well as that it leaves a bit more room for the deck.

Building a Pool

After you have the size and shape of the pool planned, it is
time for you to spring into action. Dig a hole of the right proportions and
start grading the ground. Next, frame the walls and put in the plumbing and the
most basic part of the pool should be done by now. All that is left for you now
is to pour the floor and build the walls. It is, of course, completely
unacceptable to leave these walls unfinished, but this can be easily solved
provided that you buy quality pool paint.

Adding a Deck

One of the ideas about what to do with your pool area is to build
a deck next to it
. This way, you will not only add that pleasant feeling of
carpentry to your outdoors, but also add a touch of practicality to your pool.
Just imagine resting in a lounge chair, or sipping a refreshing beverage with
your friends, on your own poolside deck. It is really hard to find anything
more pleasing.

Choosing Proper Shade

Naturally, you will use your pool or just sit by it mostly
during the summer. It would therefore be ideal if you could strategically plant
some trees or shrubs to create a natural shade. There are however two major
drawbacks to this plan. First of all, for a tree to grow it takes years and
second but not least important, having a tree by the poolside gives you more
things to clean. This is why it might be wiser for you to install
a shade sail
, which can even go over your pool if you so desire.

Final Touches

Your poolside is almost set and done, and since every
practical aspect of it has already been addressed now it’s time for you to turn
to decoration. Adding flowers to your poolside is the right way to go since it
adds some color to the mix and brings a bit more nature to your poolside.
Putting your flowers in the right stone pots however will not only do all of
this but also add a touch of luxury to your entire backyard.
There is nothing you could be more proud of than being able
to turn your poolside into a genuine piece of art. Your only limitations are
your own imagination and creativity. The world is your oyster, your backyard is
your canvas. Just remember to try and also have some fun along the way.