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Transitional area rugs are combination of traditional and
contemporary rugs because it stands out between these two rugs. Although a contemporary
rug design is classical whereas traditional rug design and style is opposite,
they made of bold colors and sharper lines.
If we talk about transitional rugs they offer a huge verity
in styles and designs. They are mixture of vintage and modern area rugs and they
offer the real meaning of floral and classic design rugs. When we use transitional
rug into modern kind of decor, its change the whole look of your room and give
a unique transition.
 A transitional rug
you can put in any kind of decor its colors and design automatically adjust
with any kind of decor and its designs are flawless that blends easily with every
decor. It offers a traditional as well as modern touch to your home and this
thing can only do by transitional area rug.

A floral pattern rug is a perfect example of transitional
rug and we can say it is chief of transitional patterned rug because they offer
realistic and botanical touch. Their bold lines and floral design integrate traditional
and contemporary rugs.