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There is one thing that has remained true and unchanged,
about the nature of relationship between man and nature through eons. It is the
most essential part of nature to grow wildly and undisturbedly, just as it is
deep in the nature of man to tame it and shape it according to his own needs.
There is nothing more logical and natural than the desire of a human being to
live in a genuinely green and natural environment, but in order to create and
maintain this oasis of nature on your own property it takes a lot of will, patience
and, above all else, knowledge.

Greening up Your Oasis

Apart from its functional side, there is one more thing that
you need to pay special attention to, the arrival of spring. This is the
aesthetic side of your garden which at the same time represents one of its main
aspects. There is no way that is better, more appealing and more natural, in
transforming your garden into a real oasis of nature, than decorating it, or
better yet, enriching it with the carefully planned set of trees and shrubs.

Still, this, although extremely rewarding notion, in its
dazzling and simple beauty, is not as easy to achieve as it may seem at first. This
fact stems from the idea that once you have managed to choose
the perfect shrubs for your garden
, which is in no way simple task even on
its own, and once you have planted them in the desired location, which can also
require quite a bit of effort, your work had just began. The most difficult and
the most important thing about having shrubs in your garden or yard is their
maintenance. However, with just the right amount of determination and resolve,
even this obstacle, to the idea of you possessing the garden of your dreams,
can easily be surpassed.

Pruning is the Key

When it comes to the question maintenance of your garden
trees and shrubs, there is no activity that is more important than regular and
careful pruning. There are many reasons why you should regularly prune your
trees and shrubs. Amongst the most popular are the health of your shrubs and
most importantly your own safety and that of your family. However, in the
recent chat with Sydney-based
tree pruning experts
, it was brought to my attention that every shrub has a
different pruning season. This is something that is extremely important for
everyone to pay attention to, before the very act of pruning commences.

The Perfect Time for

The soil conditions are never more favorable to
transplantation than they are in the early spring. If you use this perfect
temporal opportunity, you can easily, safely and in no time, successfully
transplant any shrubs or trees in your garden
, onto its newly elected
position. Simply excavate your shrub with spade, dig a hole, at a desired
location, that is several inches wider and deeper than the last one was, and in
order to further enhance shrub’s growth, enhance the soil beneath it with a bit
of fertilizer. All of this should take you less than two hours.

Like anything else that is good in life, maintaining your
trees and shrubs is something that takes time and personal care. However, as
the popular proverb states, where there is a will, there’s always a way. Approach
the question of maintenance of your garden with care and devotion and soothing
and calming effects of your dream-like garden will, in the end, turn out to be
worth all effort invested in it.