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How to Decorate Like You Own an Island Resort

All it takes to turn your sunroom into a personal get-a-way is a few easy touches in home décor. Do a Google search for island interiors and check the images section, and you’ll get easy inspirations fairly quickly. From furniture to rugs, from lamps to ceiling fans, you’ll end up getting inspired to start your project.

Art for Your Private Resort

One of the easiest steps is to add photos and paintings anywhere you can find space for them. Artwork of things like tropical birds, such as the Blue & Gold Macaw or the Moluccan Cockatoo are perfect. Palm trees with coastal sunsets and artistic waterfalls from the perfect location may also set the mood.

Take a Beach Trip and Collect Shells

Collect as many seashells as you can fit into your suitcase from your next trip to the beach. Fill a clear glass bowl with your best shells and display your creation on a sofa table for everyone to see. You can even paint them in colors of light blues, coral, peach, pale yellows and other pastels to add an extra element to their beauty. Maybe drill a hole through some of your shells, thread string through the holes, and string them along above the a doorway, allowing them to flow lazily down the side of the doorframe creating the look of a handmade drapery of sorts. For more crafty ideas for the sunroom you may even want to check out HGTV.com and navigate to Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

Every Home Island Retreat Needs a Perfect Designer Ceiling Fan

For comfort, you’ll want to look at exotic tropical ceiling fans and consider installing one of them for your enjoyment, not to mention how it will become the centerpiece of your newly decorated room. There are many brands offering these coastal themed ceiling fans these days, but none more famous than the company that made the first palm fan, Fanimation.

In fact, the first palm blade fan was so different that it was, and still is hardly recognizable as a ceiling fan. The model is still in production today for those lucky enough to afford one, and it’s called The Punkah. This fan can be mounted on either a wall or a ceiling, and instead of the blades spinning as a normal ceiling fan does, its blades sway from side to side, creating more of the feeling that you are royalty, and that you have your own personal servant fanning you as you relax the stress of the workday away.

Besides the Fanimation Punkah model, there are many more exotic tropical ceiling fans available from various brands. The blades today are offered in a wide range of materials from natural palm fronds to bamboo, and from rattan to plastic simulations of either of the three main materials used for these island worthy air movers. There really is nothing that is going to complete your new décor theme like bamboo ceiling fans.

You May Want New Wicker Furniture

More expensive, but sometimes necessary, is to replace the furniture with new wicker or rattan furniture to create the perfect comfort for relaxing in your newly redecorated area.
Although, this type of furniture comes in many colors, it seems lighter neutral colors with brightly printed cushions tend to lend themselves to the tropical paradise theme better than darker colors.

Lamps and Plants

Floor and table lamps in shell and palm tree designs are great for accenting and completing the design idea. Once you have those, the last thing you are going to need are plants. Palm and bamboo plants such as the Tropical Yucana Tree, the Dracaena, and the Bamboo Palm all go perfectly in completing tropical themed sunrooms.

Where to Obtain Tropical Themed Items

There are many local and online stores you can easily find the items you will need to complete your favorite place at home to relax. Wayfair, Houzz, and even Walmart are great places to find the plants. For furniture maybe consider Amazon for quick delivery. For the shells you should make those more personal. Therefore take your own needed beach vacation to hunt for them. This way they will be more special to you and bring back memories of the effort it took to find the perfect ones.

As for the fans, there are many online stores where you can find ceiling fans that you may not otherwise find in your local home improvement stores, but when it comes to tropical fans there is only one place to shop. That place is Palm Fan Store. For this style ceiling fan, I think their name says it all.