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If you have many friends and
family members coming over your place, if you like to throw parties followed by
sleepovers and if you love to entertain guests on a regular basis, then you
need a welcoming home to make them feel comfortable and happy. While it is not
mandatory to turn your house into a hotel and pack it up with bunk beds, you
can still tweak the place here and there to make your guests feel like they
reached heaven.
Such projects, while not
expensive or exhausting, will also help you entertain and accommodate better
all those entering your realm of fun and coziness. Let’s see today a few
remodeling and design ideas to truly make your home the epicenter of perfect
parties and weekend-long visits!

1. The Living Room

If the space allows, make sure you can install an extendable couch.
The pull out couch will be forever your best ally when it comes to unplanned
sleepovers after parties or unexpected guests knocking at your door. Make sure
the couch is comfortable for sleeping –
after you bought it, spend a night on it and make sure the pillows are good for
head and spine resting, while the bedding is comfy enough to have your guests
happy and rested in the morning. Make sure you follow the rules
of sofa choosing
– after all, you want it to last for many years.
An additional project you can
implement in the living room is a modern
chic apartment bar
with all the trimmings, bar tools, stools, and appliances. The bar will make the
highlight of your cool contemporary
apartment and will help you throw super comfortable parties for friends and
family. Having such a bar in the living room also compensates for many kitchen
needs – thus keeping your guests far from your dirty dishes but still well fed,
caffeinated, and hydrated.

2. The Guest Room

A small cozy room can be turned into the perfect guest room with a
few small adjustments. You can install here some bunk beds, but there are other fine details you can pay attention
Install blinders or opaque curtains so your
guests get a good sleep, without being brutally awakened by sunlight.
Buy a nice fluffy carpet so your guests don’t
touch the cold floor when they wake up.
Make sure there aren’t any LED lights or
pulsating lights in the room that might disturb your guests’ sleep during the
Make sure the guest room door doesn’t squeak –
this might make your guests very uncomfortable as they might avoid leaving the
room to tend to their basic necessities
during the nightso they don’t wake the
entire house up.
Make sure the sheets you prepare for your guests
are soft and comfy, smell nice and don’t cause sleep issues. There are solid guidelines
for buying sheets
and you should
apply them for you and your family, not
only for your guests.
There are plenty of tips and
tricks to use to turn into the perfect host and make your house guest-friendly even if you don’t have
time for complex remodeling projects. The
main idea is that if you love having your house full of people you love, welcome them with a clean and neat
environment, tantalizing smells and some small innovations for comfort and