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Whether you’re new to home renovations or this is old hat by now, taking on considerable repairs and redesigns can be stressful. As your home fills with the sound of construction, the carefully constructed calm in your home is destroyed. It could be weeks — even months — until you get it back. In the meantime, all that waiting gets your blood pressure up. Avoid getting too stressed out by taking a look at the following tips. They may be unusual, but they will keep your plans simple and stress-free.

Separate the needs and the wants.

In a perfect world, you’ll have won the Powerball right before you start your renovations. In reality, you’ll have a very limited budget to take on the changes you need. Sit down one day or evening and think about what you actually need to do. Make a list of priorities, so you can focus on the tasks that serve a function — like installing energy efficient windows, appliances, or plumbing fixtures.

Despite how much you want to raise a low ceiling or invest in Brazilian walnut flooring, these are tasks that are more design than function. If you focus on these first, you’ll run out of money to cover the things you really need to fix. Once you sort the needs from the wants, you can get useful financial advice online to see how you can save money and pay for the wants.

Value open communication.

Whether you’ve hired contractors or you’re carrying out these renovations with your family, clear and respectful communication is absolutely mandatory. When it comes to talking with the hired professionals, get the important things down in writing. Make sure there’s no mistaking the cost or timeline of their work. You can even get your tertiary expectations down in writing, too — like how clean they leave their work areas at the end of the day or where they should park during the day.

As for your family, it’s always a good idea to keep things kind, regardless of how stressful the situation becomes. Though it may feel cathartic in the heat of the moment, yelling at anyone will never make a bad situation better. It’s almost always guaranteed to make it much, much worse!

Be a considerate neighbor.

Don’t forget about your neighbors in all the hustle and bustle. You’re voluntarily taking on the chaos of renovations; they aren’t. The constant in and out of contractors, plus the noise levels early in the morning, can easily put you in your neighbor’s bad books. Try keeping the peace by warning them of your plans ahead of time. Give them a number they can reach you should an issue come up. And invite them over for dinner once everything’s done as a thank you. Who knows — you might make a new friend.

Renovations are stressful. Don’t add to your anxiety by overtaxing your budget, ignoring channels of communication, or ticking off your neighbor. Follow these unconventional suggestions to keep your renovations on track, and you’ll come out the other side cool, calm, and collected.