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Area rugs help to make your floor warmth and stylish and it is the perfect decorative item for your home. You can find area rugs in various styles and different designs. Recently I got a chance to know about Shag area rugs and it is most comfortable rug among all area rugs.
Shag rugs mostly use in winters to make floor warmth and cozy. Shaggy rugs are quite shiny and made of soft material that can be mix of wool and silk. Below I am going to about some affordable shag rugs which will help you to make your home stylish and cozy.
Best Quality Shag Rust Mix Wool Rug – $472
Shaggy area rugs are made of high quality wool because of it high quality wool this rug is in demand. This shaggy rug is durable as well as comfortable.
Braided Shaggy Area Rug – $108.99
This grey colored rug is hand knotted and made of combination of polyester and cotton, this rug is perfect for modern kind of living area.
Silky Shag Terracotta Rug – $72.99
This rug also made of mix of polyester and cotton. It rich color gives it a unique look. This rug brings warmth in any kind of decor.
Red and Black Shag Rug – $202.99
This hand knotted rug is made of polyester and provide unique feel in any kind of décor, you can use this rug in bedroom as well.